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6 breathtaking window views around the UK

London England - Aerial skyline view of the city of London at sunset. This view includes River Thames the financial Bank district London bridge famous skyscrapers and the Monument

Whether it’s at a restaurant, hotel or even in your own home, there is something quite hypnotic about gazing out of a bay window to look at the breathtaking views.

Enjoying the idyllic views of an area is somewhat inevitable and if you have a love for beautiful sceneries, you will agree that the United Kingdom is overflowing with incredibly awe-inspiring landscapes.

You can find an array of charming places in the UK that offer heavenly panoramas, and to give you the motivation to experience them, we have listed our favourite views below as we consider them worthy of a visit.

Pearson’s Arms, Whitstable

Located in Kent, this exquisite restaurant provides a fine dining experience for its customers to enjoy whilst they take in the most beautiful views of the sea.

Understandably a favourite amongst many, Pearson’s Arm welcomes its guests to enjoy the mouthwatering menu and the surrounding views — perfect location for those wanting to enjoy a calm and peaceful atmosphere, as well as superb food.

Museum of Liverpool

Image credit: electric egg/

Visiting the museum will offer you an experience to learn the history and culture of Liverpool, as you also enjoy the city’s waterfront through the museums extravagantly large glass wall.

Those who enjoy more urbanised areas will be hypnotised by the city’s architectural diversity, therefore making it a great location for observing breathtaking sceneries.

The Shard, London

Known as the tallest building in the United Kingdom, The Shard has 95 floors and offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of England’s capital city — perfect for those who aren’t afraid of heights.

You will find the highest and most beautiful views on floors 68, 69 and 72. On these floors you will be able to take in up to 40 miles, so why not book your ticket to visit The View?

A truly wonderful feature of visiting The View at The Shard is that you will have ‘weather guarantee’, meaning that if the weather suddenly turns bad during your visit, you will be able to return for free — sounds like a great deal to us.

The Lord of Isles Pub, Craobh Haven

Located in the beautiful area of Craobh Haven, Scotland, this highly-reputable pub offers its guests breathtaking views of the harbour.

Those who enjoy rural landscapes can take in the picturesque view of the rolling hills and stationary yachts — a beautiful sight to behold as daylight fades.

Grimsthorpe Castle, Bourne

Seen as the centrepiece of the estate, this historic castle is located in the picturesque market town of Bourne in Lincolnshire, and is surrounded by beautifully-kept gardens and extravagantly large oak trees.

Visiting Grimsthorpe Castle is a memorable experience, as you can witness the beauty of nature whilst you wander along the gardens, taking in the idyllic surroundings of the estate.

The Summit Cafe, Snowdon

Perched on the top of the highest mountain in Wales, The Summit Café is the perfect location to take in breathtaking views whilst enjoying some warm treats.

By visiting the café, you will witness some of the most memorable sceneries in the United Kingdom — worth the journey up the mountain.

If you don’t want to hike Snowdon, then you can ride the train up and enjoy the views as you’re elevated over the rolling hills.

If you have exceptional views that you want to draw attention too, then perhaps you should consider replacing windows to bring a refreshing change or implement a conservatory to enhance the level of luxury at your home.