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7 reasons why you should visit Cyprus in 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  November 5, 2020

From ancient sites to almost endless sunny days and delightful cuisine to villas that impress, it’s easy to see why Cyprus is such a popular choice for those seeking out a much-needed holiday.

Whether you prefer to travel with family, friends, as part of a couple or by yourself, there are many ways you can make the very best of this island and though a little commercial in places – you’ll spot some big brand names in Paphos for one – there are plenty of places to head to for a truly authentic trip.

As we enter another lockdown, our minds are turning once again to escapism and the perfect way to do this is to look ahead and plan yourself some impressive trips away to ensure 2021 more than makes up for this year in the travel stakes. Perhaps you’ve visited already or maybe you are looking for some inspiration, we are here to show you why Cyprus should be on that list of yours – here are seven reasons why.

From ancient sites to almost endless sunny days and delightful cuisine to villas that impress, it’s easy to see why Cyprus is such a popular choice for those seeking out a much-needed holiday


Grilled meats, salads, small plates and some of the best seafood you can get your hands on – this is what you can expect at a typically Cypriot restaurant. Whether you are visiting the Turkish north or the Greek south, you will be spoilt for choice, and the best way to find your new favourite eatery is to explore the streets and seek out the spots where the locals are headed. Olive oil seemingly on tap; fresh, crisp, chunky salads; meatballs flavoured with herbs; an array of lamb dishes; and a thoroughly tasty selection of dips – tahini, hummus, tzatziki and the like – to dip your pittas in. Wherever you are headed, you will sure to fall in love with the succulent cuisine.

Luxury accommodation

With sprawling residences, stunning seaside views, private pools and the ever-coveted peaceful seclusion, where else would you want to reside than in a luxury villa? The good news is that Cyprus is full of some pretty fantastic options. To help you narrow it down, take a look at some of the desirable properties up for grabs by Cyprus Villas and take your pick of their luxurious selection aimed to provide you with that top-notch stay you desire. Expect all the features of a five-star hotel and more with plenty of space, fully-equipped kitchens and even a chef service, if required.

Expect to find some beautiful beaches among the rugged, sprawling coastlines


The Mediterranean’s third largest island, expect to find some beautiful beaches among the rugged, sprawling coastlines. The Aiya Napa and Paphos areas boasts some very attractive options though there are certainly plenty more sun-worshipping spots you can seek out. Popular beaches include Coral Bay and Blue Lagoon Beach near Paphos and Nissi Beach, Konnos bay and Makronissos Beach in and around Aiya Napa.


Speaking of spending sunny days at the beach, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s easy to see why this island in the Mediterranean Sea brings in so many visitors to bask in its climate. Low humidity and a welcome sea breeze provide that inviting break from searing heat, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the climate is easy to navigate for those who live in cooler climes. August sees temperatures regularly reaching the mid thirties in coastal areas and you can add a few degrees as you head inland, while most winter months will provide enough warmth for a pleasant sea swim.

Sitting between Paphos and Limassol, Aprodite’s Rock is must-see


Due to its location, it will be no surprise to many that Cyprus has a rather rich and varied history with plenty of evidence still intact across the island. Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians Ottomans, British and more have all played a part in shaping the island’s story and there are some interesting sights to see in order to take it all in. Nicosia boasts an impressive selection of archaeological artefacts, while Kato Paphos showcases some of the finest Roman mosaics and the Venetian fortifications in Famagusta are just a handful of the attractions you will want to see.

Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach

Sitting between Paphos and Limassol, Aprodite’s Rock is must-see. The legend goes that Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty – rose from the sea here in 1200BC, so any lovers will enjoy the sight of the waters rising against the unusual rock formations with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop.

Troodos Mountains

Winter skiing, vineyards, Byzantine churches, walking trails, pine forest and rushing streams, it’s all here in Cyprus’s central region. The Troodos Mountains provide that welcome break from the tourist-filled coastal towns and prove that this island can offer a unique trip for any type of visitor.