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An active lighthouse in the Canary Islands is now a luxury hotel

Offering privacy, exclusivity, and spectacular views, the newly unveiled lighthouse hotel in the Canary Islands will introduce you to a unique and magical experience.

Faro Cumplida, the first hotel of its kind on the island, is beautifully situated in the most northerly corner of La Palma, giving guests the opportunity to witness the undisturbed views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The 152-year-old lighthouse has undergone three years of extensive renovation and has finally opened its doors in order to welcome guests to this magnificent location. With the modernisation completed, guests will enjoy the pristine and contemporary architecture whilst enjoying its historical structure.

Still, in nautical use, the hotel will accommodate up to eight guests in the housekeeper’s house as three exquisitely luxurious suites and rooms are on offer, each with its own roof terrace. Those who are looking for an extra treat can book the entire lighthouse for themselves and revel in complete privacy.

Located in one of the most beautiful corners of La Palma, Faro Cumplida sits on the most northerly part of La Palma offering undisturbed views of the Atlantic Ocean

The suites feature their own private roof terrace, showcasing the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the spectacular gardens of the Canary Islands. Access to the thirty-six-meter watchtower and a dramatic infinity pool will captivate you further as you experience the magic of Faro Cumplida.

The traditional patio, which features its own pergola made from local Tea Wood, leads to the lighthouse entrance. Although you will need to walk up 158 steps to get to the tower, the 360° view of the beautiful surroundings will definitely be worth the time.

In the case that another treat was needed once arriving at the top of the watchtower, the Sky High Mini Bar will offer guests a glass of wine or refreshment; the perfect way to take in the impressive La Palma mountains and the banana plantations that surround the hotel.

A short drive from these plantations and you will find the natural pools of La Fajana; the perfect place to cool down from the mild climate. Protected from the waves, you will be able to relax in the crystal clear waters of these three sea baths.

The lighthouse which is still in nautical use, offers four luxury rooms and suites in total, accommodating up to eight guests in the light housekeeper’s house, located directly below the watchtower

If you desire a more adventurous experience, then the enchanted harbour of “Puerto Talavera” will lure you onto its quay walls, so that you can freely jump into the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Choose to visit the exquisite restaurants in Barlovento, which are only a fifteen minute drive away, or stay in Faro Cumplida and make use of the fully equipped kitchen to create delicious meals with the local specialities that will be supplied; with a small supermarket nearby, you can source the products you need for the perfect night in.

The idyllic island of La Palma, otherwise known as “the beautiful” or “green” island because of its heavenly landscapes, imposing volcanoes, extensive prehistoric forests and welcoming beaches, will keep you entertained as it offers those visiting a variety of activities to choose from. Hike or cycle along the trails of the mountains, where breathtaking views await, relax on the soft sands of beaches and unspoilt bays and wander along the turquoise waters.

Puerto Naos is the island’s most famous beach due to its black sands and is the perfect location for relaxing in the sun. Nearby hidden coves allow for an adventurous day out and the outstanding reefs welcome you to explore by snorkelling or scuba diving.

Faro Punta Cumplida is the only lighthouse in the Canary Islands which offers accommodation and is still in nautical use.

Amongst the world’s best locations for stargazing, these clear night skies will allow you to take in the cosmos as you step on to our private roof terrace or visit the “Roque De Los Muchachos” observatories to get an even closer look.

Those wishing for a more urbanised setting should aim to visit the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, where friendly locals will welcome you warmly. This picturesque port town featuring narrow cobbled streets and quaint houses with charming wooden balconies is largely unchanged from its original colonial layout and will appeal to those who desire to wander along with the shops and cafés.

The only lighthouse in the Canary Islands to offer accommodation, Faro Cumplida has an incredible history as its lighthouse saved 97 sailors when a British battleship, Pacific Star, sunk during World War II. Since then it has become a magical treasure for the island and guests will now be able to experience its wonder on a more personal level. With prices starting at £293 a night, this unique getaway is definitely worth experiencing; what are you waiting for?