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An essential guide to the Seychelles

Located in the Indian Ocean, there are 115 different paradise islands waiting for you. Stunning beaches and exotic nature make the Seychelles the ideal holiday and working destination for peace and relaxation, and as an added bonus British nationals don’t need a visa to visit.

With temperatures sitting comfortably around 27 °C, this allows you to explore the beautiful landscape any time of the year. Not only that, but the country provides the perfect location to set up your own business and work within the beautiful surroundings that this place offers. If you’re looking set up a company in Seychelles then you could do far worse, as there are a range of benefits for foreign investors in addition to the draw of the stunning setting itself.

If you’re looking to make the trip to scope out the ideal place to start up a company, or if you fancy a luxury in this paradise, where do you begin? Here we’ve put together a guide highlighting the attractions and activities that can’t be missed on the archipelago’s top three islands. But remember, you can island-hop quite easily, so don’t feel limited to only our recommendations.

The Seychelles plays host to a variety of landscapes and activities.


As the largest, Mahé is the main island of the Seychelles, and is home the the smallest capital of the world. The city, Victoria, can easily be explored on foot within a weekend. Landmarks include St. Paul’s Cathedral, La Domus, and the Natural History Museum. Here there are many galleries to choose from, but Domaine de Val des Près is the craft village not to be missed. Through architecture, art, craft workshops and gastronomy, the collection of attractions thoroughly captivates those interested in Creole culture.

Explore the culture of Mahé.

The island has over 60 beautiful beaches to chose from. Anse Royale is a popular area for swimming and snorkelling, or head to Anse Soleil for a more secluded and private experience. While on the island aim to visit the immaculate Botanical Gardens, Mon Fleuri, and Morne Seychellois, the Seychelles’ largest national park, where you can explore beautiful mountains and forests. From there head to the most famous vantage point in all of the Seychelles, Mission Lodge, offering spectacular sea and mountain views across Mahé.

The sights don’t end on the shore.


A visit to Praslin is all about exploring the Seychelles’ vibrant natural beauty. It is home to the legendary Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the rare Coco de Mer trees flourish.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is stunning.

Many walks and trails are offered, letting you completely immerse yourself in the environment – for striking views of the surrounding islands hike the Glacis Noire. Or journey from Anse Kerlan through the valley rivers to renowned Anse Lazio. The beach at Lazio has long been a contender for the world’s best due to its picture perfect scenery.

The picture perfect scenery at Lazio.

For a unique 3-in-1 experience, head to the Giant Clam Farm, Pearl Farm and the Black Pearl shop – the only pearl farm in the Indian Ocean region. You can see and learn all about the giant clams and black pearls and buy beautiful high-class jewellery.

La Digue

After the excitement of Mahé’s culture, and the wonder of Praslin’s views, La Digue adds the ideal contrast to the Seychelles experience with its laid-back atmosphere. Explore grand colonial houses, meet giant tortoises, and enjoy the sights on scenic cycling routes.

Experience the beauty of the paradise islands.

L’Union Estate is the place to step back in time and see a traditional copra mill, kiln and plantation house framed by granite boulders in landscaped gardens. On La Digue you can also go horse-back riding or visit the stunning Source d’Argent, one of the most photographed beaches on the planet.

Those with the energy will love the walking trails.

The other top beaches to visit are Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Coco. Apart from being impeccable beaches, they are also wonderfully quiet and peaceful. For the adventurous, there is a great hike between these beaches and we’d say visit all three.

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