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Find your inner luxury with Moroccan Surf Adventures

Moroccan Surf Adventures

What is true luxury? Most of us would agree it is a feeling, rather than an absolute. There cannot be one idea of luxury, just as there is no one type of person. Luxury can be a moment, a state of mind, or something you aspire to. Often, it is all three. Nigel and Denny knew this when they created their Moroccan House of Peace. It combines an authentic Moroccan experience designed to immerse your senses in African culture, with wellness-based activities including yoga and surfing, to reinvigorate body and soul. This is what I like to call luxury from the inside, out.

Moroccan Surf Adventures
Moroccan Surf Adventures is a family business offering unique hospitality and seamless surf and yoga holidays

Situated in a quiet village (a tough find around Agadir’s rapidly developing coastline) Imi Ouaddar holds claim to 5km of almost untouched sandy beach, overlooked by the Atlas Mountains, all within a stone’s throw of some incredible surfing. Locally the beach is known as Paradise Plage, and as soon as you arrive you understand why. From this idyllic spot, Nigel and Denny run Moroccan Surf Adventure, the original surfing company in the Agadir region. But by no means is their guest house exclusively surfing orientated. Imagine the Villa as a Moroccan tagine – whatever your tastes, whatever your holidays purpose, it can act as your comforting base from which to absorb the flavours of eclectic Morocco.

Moroccan Surf Adventures
The luxury villa houses 13 ensuite bedrooms with ocean or mountain views

Some people come to Morocco Surf Adventure as thrill seekers, looking to get off the beaten track. For this, Denny and Nigel’s Adventure Package is perfect. After years of guiding elite surfers along the Moroccan coast, the pair know every nook and cranny of the coastline, and now they want to share it with you. With the Explore 4×4 tours you are not only following the best waves but chasing them to places no one else knows exist. Just you, your friends, and some great surf. Pack light, pick your board, and prepare for a week of fairly extreme driving! Whatever the swell forecast, Denny and Nige have a nose for the waves, and will plan your trip as it comes to make sure it supersedes expectations.

Moroccan Surf Adventures
Enjoy authentic, mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine

If camping under the stars doesn’t sound like your idea of a holiday, do not despair. There is plenty of brilliant surfing reachable by day from the villa, so that you can indulge in the comforts of an infinity pool and games room when evening falls. This doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing the best surf; the Surf Guiding programme has had the pleasure of guiding global surfing legends including Dane Reynolds, Taj Burrow, Shane Dorian and Dusty Payne, so they meet high demands! Yet, Moroccan Surf Adventure it is not just a place for die-hard surfers. Visitors come to escape and discover, independent of previous experience. With the Surf Lessons Package, the talented surf staff can improve any technique, or coax you into catching your very first wave.

Moroccan Surf Adventures
Learn to surf in Morocco’s leading surf camp

Moroccan Surf Adventures certainly pack in ample adventure opportunities. Location and activities may be the building blocks for a great guest house, but it is its aura – the very fabric of its being – which makes the villa such a unique escape. With only 13 ensuites, sleeping up to 32, coming here feels like being welcomed in to an extended family. You would be hard pushed to leave without some great new friends, so it is perfect for the solo traveller. The villa is all inclusive, not just in the typical sense – it truly does include all aspects of Morocco!

Moroccan Surf Adventures
Enjoy rooftop yoga as the sun rises and sets

Chef Momo comes from The Sahara and will treat your taste buds to the sensations of North Africa, whilst catering to all dietary requirements without fuss. Whether you want clean eating for that inner luxurious feeling, or to simply be stress free about allergies, you will be taken care of. Through his cookery class you can take the taste of your holiday home with you, and evoke the memory of your stay on a rainy English day.

Guiding is available for intermediate to advanced surfers

Balance this indulgence by commencing and concluding your day on the terrace, where orange skies silhouette tranquil yoga classes. They are led by a specialist instructor, tailored to seasoned yogis and first-timers alike. To detox both mind and body (especially the latter after a hard days surfing!) yoga is part of what makes the Villa of Peace truly peaceful. Although all guests can make the most of morning yoga, with the Yoga and Surf Package you are treated to both morning and evening lessons, sandwiching a day’s surfing.

Whatever you choose to do with your Moroccan Surf Adventure, be assured you will experience inner luxury like never before. To hear from Denny and Nigel themselves visit and take a look through their blogs, or scan the brilliant TripAdvisor reviews of the villa!

Address: Quartier Addrar Paradise Plage Imi Ouaddar، Agadir, Morocco
Phone: +212 5283-14874