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Four ways to get inspired on your next vacation: Lessons obtained while visiting Richard Branson’s private island

Amra Beganovich

By Amra Beganovich
Meeting Sir Richard Branson and being invited to be a part of his “Dream Makers, Rule Breakers” initiative was truly a dream. However, what stuck out the most is just how much Necker, Sir Branson’s private island, embodied the principals, spirit and the passion Sir Branson has for conceptualizing, building, enduring, and progressing. Necker is a symbol and an example of how our starting point never predetermines the ending result; it was Sir Branson’s vision that helped transform a swamp like jungle, into a fairy tale oasis. Below are some of the most memorable lessons from my trip:
Take a moment to disconnect: What struck me the most after meeting Sir Branson was just how relaxed he appeared to be, and how focused he was on each island activity at hand. Learning how to be in the present and concentrating on the surroundings can be a challenge but also an immense pleasure.

Everything is better in great company: Sir Branson and his family love to entertain on Necker and seem at ease with individuals from various parts of the world. Traveling to (or owning a slice of) paradise means little if you are unable to share it with family, friends, and even strangers.

Stay humble and seek advice: When asked about the best tips, Sir Branson advises on always surrounding yourself with others who are better informed than you about the subject at hand. Seeking advice may not only solve immediate (vacation) problems, but can also help you go beyond the obvious tourist experience and embark on an unforgettable adventure.
Don’t be afraid of starting over:  The main house on Necker Island infamously burned down and was rebuilt from ashes. Today, it is one of the most beautiful island properties and provides stellar views of the surrounding turquoise waters and island wildlife. Starting over when setbacks occur on a trip (or life) is what allows us to become better and stronger. 

If you are looking to experience something different on your next vacation, than these four tips will help you obtain a better perspective. If you feel that travels, like life, require some last minute (unexpected) adjustments, use these four tips to become more flexible and to inspire yourself to seek out new adventures. Opening ourselves to new experiences, people, and places will leave us feeling invigorated and motivated to turn our dreams into reality. 

Check out Amra’s stunning imagery from her time on Richard Branson’s private island

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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