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How to enjoy a luxury holiday in Bordeaux

Planning a luxury holiday this summer? There are many fabulous destinations all around the world to consider but one which should be at the top of your list is Bordeaux. Situated in the beautiful region of southwest France, Bordeaux is a port city which contains everything that is so great about France – natural beauty, cultural attractions, great wine, fine food and much more.

So, what would a luxury holiday in Bordeaux look like?

The Grand Theatre de Bordeaux is the main theatre in the centre of the city. Image credit: saiko3p/


There are many amazing cultural activities to enjoy here and beautiful architecture everywhere. No trip to Bordeaux is complete without visiting the Gothic Cathédrale Saint-Andre, Place de la Bourse, La Grosse Cloche, Grand Theatre de Bordeaux and Porte Cailhau.

Natural Beauty

There are many beautiful green areas in and around Bordeaux which are ideal for relaxing when you want to escape the busy city. The riverside promenade along the left bank of the Garonne is an area of great beauty with lawns, trees and benches for a leisurely stroll. The Jardin Public, meanwhile, has an air of England about it with pristine lawns, fountains, statues and wrought iron bridges crossing the pond – a great place for a lazy afternoon picnic and people watching.

The beautiful vineyards of Saint Emilion in Bordeaux


You will, of course, want to sample the local wine while you are here as these are amongst the best in the world. Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion is actually located within the city limits and is a wonderful place that produces fantastic wines. It is also worth venturing a little further out of town to tour the Saint-Emilion, The Medoc, Canon Fronsac and Graves chateau’s where you can walk through the grounds, see the cellars, learn how the wine is made and try some for yourself.


As you would expect in such a fine French city, food plays a huge part of the cultural identity here and will be a key part of any luxury holiday. The city has many lovely restaurants to choose from serving up traditional French cuisine paired with local cuisines. While in Bordeaux you should also sample Canales – a local speciality which is a pastry baked in a scalloped mould with vanilla, cane sugar and rum.

Basilica of St. Michael, which was built between the end of 14th century and the 16th century, is a flamboyant Gothic church in Bordeaux

How to explore Bordeaux

One of the best ways to indulge in a luxury holiday here is with a Bordeaux river cruise arranged by a specialist like Jules Verne. A cruise along the stunning Garonne can take you through the postcard-like French countryside, through the city and stopping off at the various vineyards, chateaux and Bastide towns.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation that showcases the best of France, then a trip to Bordeaux is an excellent choice. This is an incredibly beautiful, vibrant and cultural destination with a huge amount to offer those that like the finer things in life.