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How to make sure your weddingmoon goes without a hitch

By LLM Reporters  |  August 25, 2020

For many people planning to tie the knot this year, or for those making plans for next year, it seems that a global pandemic had other ideas.

With much organisation gone out of the window and the hospitality industry hit so very hard, it may be that some of those plans can’t just be postponed but, sadly, have to be scrapped altogether. If you’re one of these people who has had to rethink everything, then perhaps an entirely new outlook will do the trick.

A hugely popular choice these days is to opt for a weddingmoon to celebrate your nuptials with your loved ones. The idea being that you can blend your big day with your honeymoon and have your closest friends and family there to celebrate with you every step of the way. Another benefit of a weddingmoon is that you can truly have the wedding of your dreams with the weather far more likely to be on your side in sunnier climes. Luxury hotel amenities and a holiday combined make for a splendid occasion, a wedding planner will take the stresses away and many other desirable benefits are there to woo you abroad.

If you have dreamed of saying ‘I do’ in a blissful far-flung location then we are here to help your weddingmoon run as smoothly as possible, so read on for our top tips on how to have your special occasion go without a hitch.

For many people planning to tie the knot this year, or for those making plans for next year, it seems that a global pandemic had other ideas

Turn up in good time

There will, no doubt, be many last minute details that need to be ironed out before the ceremony goes ahead, and you will want to be fully relaxed with spa treatments and a top up of the tan by the time the big day comes around, so make sure you arrive at least three days before the wedding is due to go ahead. This also means that any delays along your journey won’t interfere with your big plans – there’s nothing like a delayed flight to raise your anxiety levels when you have somewhere to be.

Take care of your wedding attire

A destination wedding means that you will have to transport some rather valuable items, and you will have to put your trust in the airline to take care of your wedding attire. Airline staff can store your carefully-packed dress or suit (in a garment bag) in an on-board suit closet – this means that you will have to account for it in your carry on luggage but they are used to assisting with such precious items, so get in touch with your airline beforehand to see what they can do for you.

Your exquisite jewellery will have to be well taken care of too. Be it your wedding bands, enchanting necklace for the big day or your bewitching jewels for the trip in general, it is important to keep this safe and close to you at all times during travel (always with your carry on luggage) and pop it all in the safe as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Tell guests well in advance

There’s little worse than planning the wedding of your dreams abroad only to be missing out on key family members or friends because you didn’t give them enough time to plan. Whether it’s money related, an issue with childcare or work getting in the way, it could be a big blow to you to not have particular people attend. With this in mind it’s important to give your guests more than enough time to iron out these issues so that your big event can go ahead with all of your loved ones in attendance, so be sure to send out save the date cards well in advance.

A ‘weddingmoon’ is a wedding and honeymoon in one

How does it work in a post-Covid world?

If you’re plans have been scuppered once before due to the outbreak of Covid-19 across the world then you may very well be wary of a weddingmoon suffering the same fate. You will likely be looking at a ceremony a little far off into the future so don’t worry too much about the current rules – size of gatherings will vary in different countries and rules are, of course, always subject to change. You will also have a wedding planner on location to guide you every step of the way and they will be able to advise you on any concerns you have. Just make sure your travel insurance covers you if you, the hotel or the airline has to cancel for any reason.

Try not to worry

As is with most things in life, you can prepare all you like, and something still comes along to mess with your well laid plans. A weddingmoon means that most of the planning will be out of your hands so try to focus on the positive and happier aspects of this once in a lifetime trip and enjoy yourself, and if anything gets in your way, it will all be part of the story, so embrace the unexpected.