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Is this the most beautiful ‘glamping’ resort in Costa Rica

Combining exotic jungles with idyllic beaches, Costa Rica truly is heaven on earth for those desiring some tender loving care, and Libélula will welcome you to experience this destination on a whole new level.

Libélula, the family-run business ‘dedicated to enriching the lives’ of all their visitors, has established a spectacular ‘glamping’ resort in the area with the help of local Costa Rican builders in order to create the perfect eclectic getaway.

For those unaware, ‘glamping’ is essentially camping at its very best. Luxury camping has become increasingly popular and can now be enjoyed in the beautiful location of Costa Rica thanks to the ingenuity of Libélula.

Situated perfectly in the breathtaking surroundings of Potrero in Guanacaste, 2 luxury rancho rooms and 3 imported safari ‘glamping’ tents await your arrival. This exquisite boutique resort has been designed to surround hand-planted gardens in order for you to become immersed in the natural beauty of the area.

This location will give you the best-of-both-worlds, as you will be surrounded by exotic nature whilst being in close proximity to Playa Potrero, where you can lounge on the golden sands, soaking up the glorious weather, or enjoy the clear turquoise waters.

Enjoy evening drinks by the tropical poolside lounge, as you take in the starry skies above or relax in the garden oasis, away from the lively atmosphere of Potrero. If you desire a more vibrant environment, then you can explore the live music, eateries and local breweries of the nearby town.

Libélula’s Lounge and Lodgings, a unique artisan space in Costa Rica, offers a sublime opportunity to be in touch with nature as landscaped gardens and lagoon-style pools are surrounded by exotic jungle and breathtaking beaches.

Say farewell to the daily stresses that you encounter and welcome the secluded peacefulness that you will experience when staying at this luxurious boutique resort. The sounds of the city will seem like a distant memory, as you instead listen to the movements of the jungle and the soft crashing of the waves hitting the shoreline.

With perfectly decorated rooms and tents, all with superior comfort beds and lavish textiles, you will have no difficulty resting here and regaining the energy you wish for.

Whilst visiting the boutique resort you will be able to practice Libélula’s mantra of living in the moment, embracing happiness, new beginnings and change, as you indulge in the tropical surroundings.

Libélula believes in contributing to the area through eco-consciousness, therefore the products used in the resort are organic and locally sourced from the Costa Rican flora and biodiversity.

In the tropical lounge, you will be able to experience the exquisite flavours of Costa Rica’s culture of Pura Vida (Pure Life) within every recipe and drink served; simply sit back and enjoy the traditional and international cuisine on offer.

Libélula will take you on an educational adventure, as you will be able to learn more about the community and the country itself, as well as taking part in authentic experiences that will be organised for you if you wish.

If you decide that you would like to stay in the resort throughout your holiday, then no need to worry as you will not be bored. Offering a variety of workshops in art, cuisine and music, as well as a selection of specialised activities for children, Libélula will keep you entertained.

Guests wishing to spend the days by the sea can take part in several water-sports or surf lessons. Costa Rica is highly renowned for its warm waters and lengthy golden beaches, making it one of the best locations for surfing, and if you are new to the sport then world-class instructors will be there to give you a helping hand.

Those who desire to explore the area can do so by taking part in one of the eco-tours, which takes guests on a day trip to the forests of Monteverde. If you desire something more thrilling then why not hike the base of the Tenorio Volcano, one of the inactive volcanoes in the region.

Canopy tours allow guests to experience the tropical forests of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region by flying over the treetops, giving you a special view of the natural beauty, and walking across hanging bridges where you might come across Costa Rican fauna.

See the Guanacaste Coast as you set off in your own completely private catamaran tour, experiencing the breathtaking beaches of Potrero, Prieta, Sugar Beach and Catalinas. Catamaran tours in small groups include breakfast or lunch, dolphin sightings and a snorkelling experience — whichever tour you desire, the choice is entirely yours.

Costa Rica is a sublime location for those wanting to experience a relaxing, educational and unforgettable getaway, and with Libélula, this adventure will be one to remember.

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