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Australia’s Pulsating City: A few days in Melbourne 

Melbourne is a pulsating and vibrant city. It’s a bit grittier than other Australian cities and is more like the New York of the south. It’s an international city with a hodgepodge of immigrant influences reflected in the energy of the city as well as in the food, music, arts and culture. The art scene oozes with everything from sophisticated theatre performances to street performers doing everything from singing to juggling.

Another element that adds to the beauty of Melbourne is all of the amazing sights and landmarks to see. Federation Square, the National Gallery of Victoria, Arts Centre and Flinders Street Station are just a few.

The architecture is beautiful with a mix of contemporary skyscrapers, Victorian buildings, and gothic churches.  There are also dozens of lovely parks, statutes and squares as well as green spaces to stroll through.

There are outdoor art installations everywhere from elegant commissioned art pieces to edgy and shocking graffiti.  The ubiquitous outdoor art adds to what is already a beautiful city, with the Yarra River cutting through the centre of town. At any time of day on the river you’ll see boats passing and tourist go on sightseeing cruises marvelling at the sites.

Melbourne is a city where there always seems to be something going on.  From music festivals and mega concerts to the Formula One. The big sport for locals is the Australian Rules football where fanatics decked out in their local team jerseys scream and cheer at every play. For those not familiar it’s kind of a combination of American football and rugby and it’s extremely exciting to watch.

Another fun thing to do is to take in one of the many foodie events such as the Melbourne BBQ festival, full of cooking demonstrations, music, and the love of barbeque.

People from all over the region come to the fairgrounds to learn about the newest Weber grill, see a celebrity chef, or just line up and try out the savoury delicacies  from the vendors. It’s a day of fun with great music, activities and awesome tastes and juicy eats.

Dracula Theatre

All of that creativity and excitement in Melbourne means that as the sun goes down, the action heats up. One must have experience with any visit to Melbourne is an evening at the Dracula’s Cabaret Show & Dinner. This is a fabulous night of funny,campy, riotous comedy and talented performances that is completely and utterly original.

It’s kind of Dracula, meets vaudeville, meets Rocky Horror with wonderful song, dance, comedy and parody performances. This is dinner theatre at its finest with a wonderful meal, cocktails available and great service. The cast is extremely talented and it’s an evening worthy of your Melbourne travel must do list.

Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruises

Another wonderful way to take in Melbourne at night is on the Spirit Of Melbourne Cruising Restaurant. It’s a delicious way to see the city on a two hour dinner cruise that takes guests along the river way past the architecture, city lights and sights. Romantic couples, groups of friends, and families make this part of their Melbourne holiday experiences.

This is a formal affair of haute cuisine served in several courses of appetizers, an la carte menu of main course and delicious desserts and an open bar.  Its uber romantic as well to go outside with your special someone in the fresh air talking in whispers while watching the dramatic scenery pass by.

Cocktail Culture

Melbourne has a great nightlife scene as well, with everything from mega clubs to intimate bars. For something special, seek out one of Melbourne’s Speakeasies. These bars are hidden off the beaten path and favourites of the in-the-know crowd.  Down a dimly lit alley and through a nondescript door with no signage you’ll enter a mecca for the Melbourne’s true lovers of cocktail culture, the Eue De Vie.

Guests step back in time in this turn of the century throwback, showcasing décor with Victorian touches, elegant sitting areas and a long bar.

The ultra-cool tatted up lumbersexual type mixologists create elixirs with the fantastic presentation just short of a performance with smoke, sizzles, nitrogen.

Eue De Vie is where they pull out all the stops to ensure you’ll have a delicious cocktail experience that you’ll never forget.

For shopping, Melbourne has the malls and shops that you would expect anywhere but also some really cool walking streets with international brands as well as local designers and cool boutiques.

A fun place to go is the Queen Victoria Market which has everything from fruits and veg to artisan cheeses, delicacies and local products like wool products, leather, etc.

If you haven’t been to Melbourne yet, put it on your travel to do short list. There’s also no shortage of wonderful boutique hotels and mega hotels to stay.  This is a vibrant city with something to do for lovers of art and culture, beautiful sites to visit, and things to do and see.