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The 4 corners of the USA: Great places to visit in the USA for a luxury holiday

By LLM Reporters  |  March 30, 2020

From great parks and vast lakes to desert land and snowy peaks, stunning coastlines to volcanic mountains and quaint villages to vibrant cities, the U.S.A certainly offers a heady mix of terrains for any given traveller.

Set across 3.8 million square miles, there’s an awful lot of space to cover and an enormous amount of inspiration to be taken from each and every area. No one is suggesting you try and visit every beautiful spot but we’re here to help you by inspiring you with a selection of fantastic destinations across the country.

A vast country brimming with an amazing selection of cultures, a variety of foods previously only seen in dreams, and wildlife and nature to amaze, it may be hard to know where to begin. So, we’ve made it easy for you.

Highlighting the four corners of the U.S and the variety of trip you can take in each place, the following four should give you some inspiration for your next luxury holiday.

1. Florida

Bathing between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the southeasternmost state of Florida offers hundreds of miles of beaches, buzzy, artsy, and Latin American influenced cities. Your family can also have fun at Orlando’s epic theme parks.

Book a stay in one of KOALA’s luxury properties and use this as a base to explore this diverse state as you discover why more than 21 million people call this home.

Known as the sunshine state, the temperature reaches averages of up to 33 Celsius in summer months and the subtropical climate offers a pleasant place to holiday to. For the nature lovers, the Apalachicola National Forest is a must-visit, as is the Everglades National Park, while freshwater springs offer a luxurious place to bathe, along with the manatees. The big-name theme parks will please the whole family.

Miami is also ideal for those looking for a party. Fort Lauderdale is the place for art lovers and beach fanatics.

2. Maine

Head up the east coast to the state of Maine, famous for its maritime history, moose, and Mt Katahdin – the endpoint of the Appalachian Trail. Thus, if you’re looking for a more chilled out holiday, connected to nature and an easier way of living, Maine is your place.

Bordering Canada, New Hampshire, and the Atlantic Ocean, the cooler climate offers highs of 27 Celsius in July and lows of -14 in winter. The rocky coast boasts many lighthouses that you can climb, and delightful lobster shacks to dine in. Nature and art enthusiasts will be pleased together with those who are keen on fishing and hiking.

Whether you reside in a luxurious seaside inn, a classic Maine cottage, or be at one with nature in a wilderness lodge, this state will please those in need of a break with nature.

3. Alaska

Our next stop is over to the northwest to discover magnificent glaciers, lakes and mountains, bears, whales, and moose of Alaska.

Grazing the Arctic and North Pacific Oceans, this is the largest U.S state. With over 700,000 inhabitants across almost 572,000 square miles of land, it may come as no surprise that this happens to be the most sparsely populated state, too. The tiny city of Fort Yukon in the mid-east region experiences an impressive range in temperature from -33 in the winter to 23 in summer, but this isn’t comparable for the rest of the state.

Whether you’re looking to explore the fjords on a boat trip, ride the Wilderness Express luxury dome rail cars between Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali Park and Fairbanks, climb the country’s highest peak, or gaze up at the Northern Lights, Alaska certainly serves up those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

4. California

Bordering Mexico, and with 900 miles of coast touching the Pacific Ocean, California is for those who like warmer climes and sunnier days. This is perhaps the most well-known state due to the rather popular film industry, but the glitz and glamour of Hollywood certainly doesn’t sum up all that is good about California.

Step outside of LA and you’ll discover the Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada mountains, cliff-lined beaches, and the Redwood Forest, among many other great places.

Head to San Francisco, known for its mighty hills, cable cars, and Golden Gate Bridge. You can also try Montecito for its laid back luxury, take a wine tour in some of the finest vineyards, or make use of the coastline with some exhilarating water sports. California can be whatever you want it to be.

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