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The best nightlife and entertainment destinations to explore in Asia

By LLM Reporters  |  April 16, 2021

When it comes to nightlife and entertainment, Asia is fast becoming one of the most exciting continents in the world, with a plethora of vibrant cities offering up a heady dose of bars, clubs, live music venues and casinos. Where once we would have flocked straight to Las Vegas to get our hit of the evening action, these days, there are some much more thrilling destinations for luxury seekers and high-rollers alike, and from Japan to the Philippines, Singapore to Macau, a trip to the South East will quite literally leave you spoilt for choice.

When it comes to casinos, in particular, it’s likely no surprise that Macau is the leader of the pack, now surpassing Las Vegas’ annual gambling revenue and topping $29 billion in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. But despite the fact that gambling and gaming remain prohibited in many of Asia’s nations – including Thailand and Taiwan – there are some key competitors emerging, and even those that still lack land-based casinos are starting to get in on the action with the flurry of online casinos that have become available there in recent years.

Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo’s vibrant streets will keep you entertained for hours. Image credit: aon168/

With super casino resorts popping up across the continent seemingly by the week, the best thing about the ongoing growth of the entertainment and nightlife industry in Asia is the growth of the luxury sector along with it. These five-star offerings often exceed the standards of the luxury hotels and resorts we are used to frequenting elsewhere in the world, yet the prices still remain lower – making Asia a top choice if you’re looking for a luxury getaway over the next year.

Here, we take a look at five of the hottest Asian entertainment and nightlife destinations to add to your bucket list – thrill and excitement guaranteed.

Tokyo, Japan

Streets in Tokyo, Japan
You can find a variety of luxury casinos in Japan. Image credit: aon168/

Gambling laws have recently been relaxed in Japan, with numerous five-star casino resorts in development and set to open their doors over the next two years. Hiro Nakamura at, the leading destination for the best online casinos in the country, says that Tokyo, in particular, will be transformed as a result.

“The introduction of land-based casinos in Tokyo is set to put Japan firmly on the map when it comes to gambling and gaming and is certain to drive up both luxury tourism and revenue to whole new heights. The success of the gambling industry we’ve seen in other Asian hot spots such as Macao is testament to what is possible, so this is a really, really exciting time for Japan”, he says.

As one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world already, we need no more persuading to add Tokyo to our travel bucket list for the next twelve months, and with some huge wins likely to be on the table, it would be rude not to.

Macau, China

Macau is known as the ‘Vegas of China’

Once dubbed the Las Vegas of China, Macau has since made a name for itself as the new gambling capital of the world – and with good reason. Owing to its growth largely to China’s massive globalisation, it is home to numerous foreign multinational casinos and attracts some serious high-rollers as a result.

While gambling remains illegal under Chinese law, Macau enjoys freedom from such rules due to being determined a Special Administrative Region of the country and so a more relaxed legal system in relation to casinos.

But what is it about Macau that makes it so much more appealing than other nightlife and entertainment cities? For starters, it offers some of the biggest games in the world and with the highest stakes – as well as offering special VIP privileges to the wealthiest of gamblers. In 2013, it was reported that 66 per cent of all casino-generated revenue there came from high-rollers – so it’s clear that Macau knows what it wants and how to get it.


Singapore skyline at night
Singapore’s vibrant skyline comprises Marina Bay Sands, a mega-casino famous worldwide. Image credit: Netfalls/

Singapore has long been regarded as one of South East Asia’s premier nightlife destinations, with the iconic Marina Bay Sands – the three-pillared mega-casino resort that punctuates its skyline – famous the world over.

Comprising more than 15,000 square metres of gaming space spread over four levels, including over 600 table games and 1,500 slots, it is also home to a swanky rooftop bar, numerous high-end dining options and one of the world’s largest Swarovski chandeliers, making it the ultimate choice for anyone looking for opulence in every sense during their Asian getaway.

When it comes to the luxury experience, this place has got you covered right down to the tiniest detail, offering some of the most impressive suites in the world that come complete with 24-hour butler service and numerous additional perks that ensure you are left wanting for nothing.

Manila, The Philippines

Makati skyline in Manila
The Makati skyline in Manila, knows for its exciting evenings

The Philippines is best known for its thousands of picture-perfect, white sand islands, each with shores lapped by crystalline waters and offering the perfect tropical escape, whatever your budget. But bigger spenders know that the real fun is to be had in Manila, the bay-side capital city which enjoys a breath-taking landscape comprising beaches, volcanoes and rice paddies all of its own.

The Philippines, as a nation, is home to the largest number of casinos in the world, and Manila itself offers a surprising array of opulent hotels, restaurants, theatres and entertainment venues. Add to that the excellent shopping opportunities and cultural pursuits, and there is a lot to love about the city.

The Li Ying VIP Club is perhaps the most highly sought-after night-time destination for high-rollers, offering up an extravagant high-stakes gaming experience and numerous five-star dining opportunities.