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The most lavish holiday destinations in America

las vegas

While there are endless articles floating on the web about ways you can save money when visiting the US, there is certainly a great need and opportunity to capitalise on the gap in the market where people want to visit America without worrying about how much everything will cost.

Doing calculations and fretting about how much everything will cost can take all the fun out your trip and for some travellers, it simply isn’t necessary.

An American city’s culture, personality and basic real estate will dictate where it falls on the price spectrum and this can heavily impact on who pays the city a visit. While some may find the more expensive cities unappealing, for others it is just what they are looking for in order to kick back and relax.

If you’re on the lookout for something a little bit more lavish than most, then check out the following American travel destinations, which are guaranteed to make you feel like absolute royalty…

Seattle ranks highly for cafes and bars, which are ideal for those looking to indulge when travelling


Seattle is known to have a blossoming tech industry which has created a high threshold for spending. Seattle ranks highly for cafes and bars, which are ideal for those looking to indulge when travelling.


It is probably not too surprising that those looking to live the life of luxury should head to Washington, home to the white house and lobbyists making deals. In terms of historical sites and museums, you certainly won’t want to scrimp on experiencing them!


Luxury hotels, romance, attractive locals – Cleveland certainly hits the mark for those looking to indulge. Cleveland is also home to a world class symphony, which is something those looking to splash some cash should definitely book to see.

St. Louis

This city ranks highly when it comes to playing host to luxury stores, boutique hotels and big-name restaurants.


Nashville is the place for music lovers and is ideal for those looking to spend good money of great musical performances. This city ranks high when it comes to live music offerings and is also one of the friendliest places in America as a whole!


Corporate travellers have driven the price up here in Atlanta. It ranks very highly for business hotels and has very high quality airport amenities, so you can remain feeling looked after from take-off to touch down. The city offers an array of fantastic visitor sites and parks to explore and enjoy, with Stone Mountain Park widely regarded by many as one of the very best Atlanta attractions of the last decade.

Atlanta ranks very highly for business hotels and has very high quality airport amenities


Chicago is a city made for an expensive account. The Windy City ranks highly for business hotels and has some very fancy restaurants too.

San Diego

With a very mild climate and yearlong sunshine, Sa Diego is perfect for those looking to pay that little bit extra for everything from food to hotels. The city is super relaxing and is known for being romantic, so why not treat someone you love to a little glamour in San Diego?

Las Vegas

For every super cheap bargain hotel motel in Sin City, there are at least two over-the-top accommodation types that are sure to blow you away with their design and plush interiors. Vegas ranks top when it comes to big name hotels and also very highly for luxury shopping.

Before you laze in pure luxury in America, be sure to fill out an ESTA form and apply for clearance to enter the country.