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The new luxury tailor-made travel and elite lifestyle management company you need to know about

By Georgie Bentley-Buckle on 5th March 2019

Today’s luxury consumer is time poor and in pursuit of personalisation. With an intrinsic understanding that this is what the market seeks with quality over quantity, here is where Sarah Asgaraly steps in with her Elite Lifestyle Management company: Beyond Sarah.

Having worked for some of the most prestigious luxury concierge companies in London, Beyond Sarah delivers a bespoke experience led service that adapts effortlessly to its clients, offering fast and reliable access to the most exclusive offerings globally. Noticing that other large concierge companies often fail to meet member’s requests with quantity rather than quality, Beyond Sarah is leading the way with a refreshing objective that revolves around client satisfaction.

Sarah Asgaraly has previously worked for some of the most prestigious luxury concierge companies in London

With an ambition to allow its members to do the things they enjoy most in life, Beyond Sarah combines Sarah’s industry expertise with her passion for the finest things in life, and this starts with travel. With an inherent understanding that more of us than ever are investing in moments and experiences rather than tangible products, Beyond Sarah is proud to offer its members some of the most aspirational travel experiences. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, luxury tailormade travel experiences adapt to each of its members requirements – from a private hillside villa in Puglia with superfast WIFI connectivity ideal for corporate travellers to a whimsical chateau on the Côte d’Azur for a romantic long weekend.

Of course, with luxury comes personalisation. Beyond Sarah taps into the most convenient method of communication for each of its members. With this, members can reach Sarah directly via WhatsApp, text, email, and even social media for a quick and effortless service that flexes to its members lifestyles. In addition to travel services, Beyond Sarah also offers its members privileged chauffeur driven cars, personal shopping, private chefs, personal training, nutrition, childcare, corporate events, red carpet events, supercars, private jets and yachts, among others.

Beyond Sarah combines Sarah’s industry expertise with her passion for the finest things in life, and this starts with travel

Looking for a private jet to get you to that meeting in Geneva on time? Beyond Sarah will quickly locate an available jet to whisk you away at an airport of your convenience. An experience of unapparelled luxury on the open water? Beyond Sarah has access to over 1000 first class yachts to charter and that offer an infinite choice of exotic destinations. Looking to impress your friends with some of the finest home cooked cuisine? Beyond Sarah has a close partnership with a private chef company who will execute world-class dining in the comfort of your own home. More so than pure indulgence, Beyond Sarah also understands the concept of a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. In light of this, Beyond Sarah encourages each of its members to take control of their overall wellbeing and have forged a close partnership with a collection of the most professional fitness coaches and nutritionists to help each and every member to reach their goals and achieve the very best version of themselves.

With a Master’s degree in in Luxury Management from the International University of Monaco, Sarah is a female entrepreneur who lives and breathes luxury. Having worked for some of the most prestigious concierge companies, she has developed a close network of the best suppliers in the industry on an international scale. These trusted relationships have allowed Sarah to offer this unique offering to her members that is organic and built on trust and experience.

Looking for a private jet to get you to that meeting in Geneva on time?

With this added value, held in place with personal relationships – Beyond Sarah exceeds expectations for an intimate, ‘in the know’ member experience that is customer centric. One example of this is her luxury WhatsApp concierge which allows for members to feel comfortable sending their requests conveniently via the popular messaging app, even when abroad. This method astutely breaks down barriers, allowing for members to feel at ease with instant updates.

Offering private membership for a selected few clients to ensure the highest level of service and relationship, in addition to a monthly membership, those who are accepted to be a part of Beyond Sarah are given access to supplementary benefits to complement each month. These change on a monthly basis as an added surprise to its members, whilst keeping them up to date with what’s hot in the world of high living and the opportunity to network with likeminded individuals.


In addition to offering her members up to an incredible 50% discount on retail brands such as Nike, Adidas, Hamleys, Kurt Geiger, Levi’s, Suit Direct, and Villeroy & Boch, this month Beyond Sarah is also offering members a reduced membership fees at South Kensington Club (at £600 for three months), 15% discount at Notre Fleur London, 20% discount on your first month’s private lessons at Breathe Yoga and Pilates, 20% discount at The Elixir Clinic on any IV therapy treatment (IV Vitamin Therapy, IV Laser Therapy, IV Ozone Therapy), Intramuscular Vitamin injections, or any Elixir Facial as well as access to exclusive in-store events at Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, and Eisenberg Paris.

To kick off your conversation with Sarah and to apply for membership click here: