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The top 4 city destinations from London Stansted this winter

With the winter period here to stay, and the novelty of a cosy, autumnal setting having officially worn off, our attention seems to be drifting once more to our next bucket-list adventure.

Be it a touch of winter sunshine, embracing the colder climes for a festive mini break or planning a cultured city getaway, we’ve teamed up with the experts at London Stansted Airport to give you the low-down on the surprising destinations you can frequent this winter from the airport – and at an affordable rate too!

Saint Petersburg, Russia


St Petersburg is a treasure trove of museums, art and culture

Dubbed the ‘cultural centre’ of Russia, St Petersburg is one of the most picturesque cities in the world, known for its grand architecture, heritage sites and elegant canals. While many would compare the city to well-known cultural treasure troves such as Venice and Paris, St Petersburg is less frequented by tourists making it a great option for those looking to explore the vast art collections housed in the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, without being disturbed by the overflowing crowds.

For a Russian adventure outside of the city, visitors can catch a train on the Trans-Siberian Railway to discover the rural, unspoilt areas of Russia including Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake, or explore the Russian region of Siberia, where you can enjoy festive activities such as dog-sledging or wintertime ice-skating.

Fly to Saint Petersburg from London Stansted with Pobeda Airlines – flight time is 3h15 minutes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai offers a wealth of activities for all tastes

Dubai, a modern metropolis backed by sun-blasted desert land and nestled on the Persian Gulf, is a city like no other. Whilst the city is known for its ostentatious and opulent display of luxury shopping, spectacular skylines and ultramodern skyscrapers, there is much more to this bustling city than meets the eye.

Dubai encapsulates a wealth of heart thumping activities, cultural dynamism and ancient traditions from indoor ski slopes, bustling souqs, spectacular man-made islands and sunset desert tours, there really is something for everyone to experience in Dubai.

Fly to Dubai from London Stansted with Emirates – flight time is 6h55 minutes

Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik is a great base from which to explore Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital on the coast, is known to most visitors as a gateway to the rugged surroundings in the rural parts of the country. The city offers countless opportunities for fun outdoor activities, the most popular one being the thermal pools.

Visitors can enjoy cosy stays in the quaint city centre while also having the option to head out to many interesting landmarks and beautiful backdrops including Rauðhólar, an area known for its red rock-formation, standing by the mesmerising Elliðavatn lake.

Fly to Reykjavik from London Stansted with easyjet – flight time is 3h10 minutes

Kristiansand, Norway


Kristiansand is a charming  picture-postcard destination

Kristiansand is a city in southern Norway, featuring traditional wooden houses and breath-taking remote, yet remarkable landscapes filled; it really is a destination that should be on most people’s bucket lists. Drive through this friendly part of the world and explore the villages, local restaurants, lively shopping scene and activities along the coastline from windsurfing to go-karting.

Visitors can expect to be mesmerised by this charming and picture-postcard destination where you can enjoy the great outdoors, through either gentle forest walks or sailing the shores in a wooden boat (many of which are available to hire from the harbour).

Fly to Kristiansand from London Stansted with Widerøe Airlines– flight time is 2 hours

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