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The top 4 luxury casino hotels in Monte Carlo

Monaco is a pretty unique destination. More than 30 percent of the population are millionaires and there are few places around the world that exude luxury and wealth more than its most famous attraction, Monte Carlo.

However, it wasn’t always that way, Monte Carlo began life as a small, insignificant and bankrupt town on the coast of France. It wasn’t until the 19th Century, with a little help from the ruling elite, that it reinvented itself by taking a gamble on building a casino that would go on to become one of the most famous in the world. Although not initially a huge success, by 1878 the casino and Monte Carlo started to gain serious momentum as the world’s most glamorous playground for the rich and famous that we are familiar with today.

Monaco and Monte Carlo cityscape and harbor aerial view, Principality of Monaco
Monte Carlo is home to the rich and famous

Set on the French Riviera, it’s a destination that exudes luxury, and whilst the streets aren’t quite paved in gold, there’s no place quite like it for those who want to brush shoulders with the elite. From supercars, designer shops, luxurious hotels or watching the Formula One from a super yacht, it has it all. However, no visit to Monte Carlo would be complete without rolling a dice in one of the architectural masterpieces high-rollers like to call home.

Online betting company Sbobet has pulled out the top luxury casinos to set foot in when you’re next visiting this sun-drenched spectacular. So, it’s time to don your best attire, rev your supercar engines, sip on a martini and place a lucky bet!

Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco - July 2018 - The Monte Carlo Casino, gambling and entertainment complex in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Cote de Azur, Europe.
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One of the oldest casinos in the world designed by French architect, Jules Touzet. It was the original casino of Monte Carlo opened by Princess Caroline and is notoriously frequented by tuxedoed millionaires and the world’s ultra-wealthy. Service is described as beyond five stars and the building is steeped in history and prestige. This casino is far removed from what you’ll find on the Las Vegas strip, only those that look like they can afford to win or lose millions are welcomed inside. Casino de Monte Carlo tops the list for any gambler or James Bond impersonator looking to build their status as a high roller.

Casino Cafe de Paris

Joining the Casino de Monte Carlo as one of the oldest casinos of Monaco, Casino Cafe de Paris is nestled in an old building that differs greatly once you get inside. The interior is inspired around a science fiction theme, neon designs adorn the inside and light up the huge variety of games on offer. Open 24 hours, the casino houses slot machines that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The jackpots here are the highest on the French Riviera, sometimes reaching a million. The unique selling point of the casino is the two terraces, which become prime real estate for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Sun Casino

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Offering something much more welcoming, the Sun Casino set in the Fairmont Hotel, is both relaxed and much less serious than both Casino de Monte Carlo and Casino Cafe de Paris. More aligned to what you’d experience in Las Vegas, but still set in unique and grand surrounds, the Sun Casino has something for everyone. It features a full gaming floor accompanied by multiple bars and a party atmosphere, so even if you’re not winning on the tables you can enjoy live music and sets from famous DJs until the early hours of the morning.  

Monte Carlo Bay Casino

The smallest of Monte Carlo’s casinos isn’t to be overlooked and offers a unique and cosy experience. Housed in the chic Monte Carlo Bay’s Hotel and Resort, the casino doesn’t offer the traditional table games, instead you’ll find 145 slot machines on a modern main floor with lower minimum bets and a mixed clientele. Located on the world-famous Avenue Princess Grace, the venue provides incredible views. It boasts an open-air gaming area with minimum bets of 0.50 euro. Plus, for those who want to live like it was yesteryear, players are happy to sit back relax, and smoke freely. And for those who work up an appetite after all the gaming, then there’s a Michelin star kitchen courtesy of Chef Marcel Ravin to help you re-energise.

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