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Three unique ways to make the most of your downtime when travelling the world in style

Luxury travel is one of life’s great joys, from comfortable First Class flights to opulent five star hotels, lavish fine dining dinners and everything in between. There are few things in life that can initiate quite the same level of excitement as settling into the First Class departure lounge in preparation for an indulgent adventure ahead – but even the most patient of travellers has to admit that it isn’t all champagne and caviar.

Luxury travel definitely comes with its downsides, most notably of which the long and drawn-out waiting periods one is forced to endure between connections – and of course, the lengthy long-haul flights themselves, which can leave you feeling tired and jet-lagged by the time you finally arrive at your dream destination.

The waiting isn’t always over once you arrive at your hotel, either, and often you might find yourself with periods of time to kill whilst waiting for spa treatments and excursions to begin. But with every hour of your getaway precious time that is not to be wasted, how exactly do you fill these unused hours of downtime?

While picking up a good book might be the first thing that springs to mind and curating your Instagram feed has its appeal, thankfully there are plenty of other ways to handle the dead zones in between life’s unforgettable experiences – and make the most of your valuable holiday time, too.

Luxury travel is one of life’s great joys

Here are our top three ideas for killing time whilst enjoying a spot of upscale travel. A departure from the usual suggestions, they might not be what you’d expect – but if the obvious answers aren’t working for you, then it might be time to try something different.

Get to know the places you visit for next level social content

More often than not, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities go hand in hand with special luxury trips – so if you find yourself with an hour or so to kill whilst hanging around one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, it would be practically criminal not to make the most of them.

But whilst you can’t quite put a price on getting ‘THE shot’ for your Instagram profile, it’s digging into local history and culture that can really be described as priceless – and the photos you do take will mean a lot more for it as a result. Don’t waste time posing up a storm at those iconic ‘Insta’ spots you keep seeing on your feed, but instead take the time to immerse yourself in local activities and traditions, and really get a feel for the place you’re visiting.

Making memories is the single most important thing when travelling abroad on a luxury getaway, and capturing those in a meaningful way is something you’ll truly treasure for a lifetime.

Fire up some mobile slots to test your luck

If you’ve got a few spare moments, your mobile can be useful for more than historical research, and if you’re not bothered about taking a digital detox, it can be the perfect tool for soaking up some dead time. It’s also a great way to access online casinos and slots; many of us love to spend our evenings at casinos when we touch down, whether it’s in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, so why not get some practice in while you fly?

For an accessible slot that’s in tune with luxury travellers, check out this website here. Wheel of Jackpots is a simple, rewarding game that anyone can dive into, and it’s a great stress-reliever, too.

If you’ve got a few spare moments, your mobile can be useful for more than historical research, and if you’re not bothered about taking a digital detox, it can be the perfect tool for soaking up some dead time

Check out online luxury travel contests

Even if you’re rolling in disposable income, free stuff will always have its appeal, and the online premium travel scene is full of places to win free excursions, accommodation, or travel accessories. Most contests take a few moments to enter, and with lucrative rewards at the end, it would be foolish to pass them by. That’s especially true if you’re waiting in an executive lounge with 15 minutes free. Don’t let them go to waste.

At the same time, why not check for Instagram contests? Plenty of luxury hotels and other travel brands love launching Insta contests, because they give them the chance to show off their facilities and the surrounding area in all their glory, whilst reaching the widest possible audience. According to travel insurance company Schofields, 40% of travellers under 33 prioritise “Instagrammability” when picking their destinations, so it can be a great way to pick up some ideas for your next trip, too.

Make every moment count when you see the world

We all need some shut eye as we tour the world’s beauty spots, but almost all of us are guilty of wasting precious moments that could be put to better use. By researching our destinations, developing our historical awareness, searching for competitions, and even playing upscale online slots, we can make that awkward downtime work for us. And if you fancy something a little more traditional? You really can’t beat a good book.