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Bar Review: Sky Lounge, 7 Pepys St in London

Sky Lounge, 7 Pepys St in London

Sky Lounge is one of those bars in London that everyone seems to get muddled over with the other rooftop bars that seem to expose themselves over the summer months. This particular rooftop bar or should I be correct in saying ‘lounge’ can be found smack bang at the top of DoubleTree by Hilton London. This summer Sky Lounge has thought outside the box to become more than just any other rooftop bar that you might come across. It has has been given a dusting from our US friends – from the neighbourhood of Santa Monica to be precise.

Now I will admit I haven’t been to Santa Monica myself so I cannot claim to be an expert on the subject of comparing the two. But with a sprinkling of sand, some frozen cocktails and brightly coloured painted furnishings, this beachy atmosphere was relaxed but not all together convincing alongside the unmissable view of the gherkin beside us.

Sky Lounge, 7 Pepys St in London
Sky Lounge offers superb views of the city skyline

Our welcome parade of around three members of staff promptly ushered us to our reservation and disappeared as quickly as they arrived. We are left seated by the understaffed bar which was made up with fewer members than its welcome party and which sadly could not withhold any sort of table service. At the bar I cast an eye over our options and spot specially created Margaritas including Grapefruit & Jalapeño or Strawberry & Basil.

A lighter option which we ordered was the Tropical Pineapple Mimosas and the fresh fruit Sangria. Despite doubts over service we chose some of their Cali inspired small plates to share and were pleased with the results of Salmon Maki Rolls, Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa, Roasted Cauliflower Tostadas with Avocado & Black Bean and Octopus Skewers with Piquilla Aioli. We did not order dessert but for those with a sweeter inclination for some US indulgence, Churros with Salted Caramel Sauce and Deep Filled Doughnuts can also be ordered.

This premium destination is located in the heart of London and serves innovative dishes and signature cocktails
This premium destination is located in the heart of London and serves innovative dishes and signature cocktails

Something I did like were the Ipad selfies which had been installed into the sides of the bar. Almost like a photo booth, before running out the door, I quickly emailed our snap shot and popped it up on my Instagram feed, (completely naive to the fact that this also meant I had entered a competition to visit the real Santa Monica!)

Sky Lounge is a great venue for a catch up with friends. A relaxed setting; this bar doesn’t try too hard and really is quite cool. I cannot fault the variety of generous bar snacks and once the sun had disappeared and the lights of the city around us had appeared we took the lift back down from a carefree evening. A little piece of Santa Monica in London for the summer I’m sure Sky Lounge, amidst the London skyline, doesn’t compare to the real Santa Monica, although London could always do with a taste of US west coast nonchalance.

Address: 7 Pepys St, London EC3N 4AF, 020 7709 1043,