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Behind the brand: Meet Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne of herbal tea brand ZABICOLife

By LLM Reporters  |  May 18, 2021
Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne

“I firmly believe that herbal teas should be on the same level with the luxury liquor brands, or lifestyle brands” states Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne, a master herbalist and acclaimed herbal tea connoisseur who aims to transform the herbal tea experience with his company, ZABICOLife.

Gladstone was inspired to start ZABICOLife by his life-long love for herbs, herbalism and healthy living. Hailing from the Caribbean island of Dominica, he hand-selects a variety of organic leaves, flowers, fruits, barks and the roots of various herbs for his tisanes, with the aim of helping as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of these all-natural, and often underrated ingredients.

We caught up with Gladstone to hear all about ZABICOLife, his favourite teas and how a beginner can be introduced to the art of tea.

Tell us a little about the history of ZABICOLife and how it came about?

I started with a 28-day program which included an herbal tea blend, and nutritional plan. I got 10 clients to sign up for my 28-day program at zero cost to them. Upon the completion of the program the results were amazing. At this point, I decided that herbals tea blends can be beneficial to many people, and so I decided to curate these blends for health and healing.

What attracted you to the luxury tea market?

I firmly believe that herbal teas should be on the same level with the luxury liquor brands, or lifestyle brands. Herbal teas have been around longer than alcohol and have great benefits. I wanted to present herbal tea blends on the highest level, while simultaneously making herbal tea blends a sought after product.

What are your top three most popular products?

The CBD Body Relax, Fibroid Tea, and the Cinnamon Green Tea.

Can you explain what it is to be an herbalist and how herbal teas can help with ailments?

An herbalist is someone who has had training and education in the use of herbs and herbal therapies in addressing many ailments in the body. Herbal teas can relieve symptoms, cure symptoms, and remove toxins in the body. Herbal teas are as important to the body as physical exercise.

Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne was inspired to found ZABICOLife by his lifelong love and knowledge of herbs, herbalism, natural eating and healthy living

Where do you source the ingredients for your herbal teas?

We source our ingredients sustainably from many locations throughout the world, including, Dominica, South America, Africa, North America, South Africa, and Europe.

What do you think makes your teas/tisanes different from the other brands out there?

My herbal tea blends are formulated with the finest herbs. We don’t add any oils, preservatives, or dyes. The artistry is in the blending to arrive at a cup of tea that doesn’t require a sweetener and gives the user maximum benefits.

What do you think makes the art of making tea and drinking it so popular?

Tea and tea drinking has been around for thousands of years. Tea drinking is a form of relaxation and entertainment, while reaping the benefits of the herbs. Due to these reasons, many people enjoy tea drinking.

ZABICOLife luxury herbal teas
CBD Body Relax is the most amazing herbal tea for stress, anxiety, and to improve sleep

What would you say are the biggest health benefits of herbal tea?

The biggest benefits of herbal tea are that they help to remove toxins and free radicals from the system; hence allowing the body to function in a more optimal way.  

How would you encourage someone who is new to herbal teas to incorporate them into their daily lives?

I would suggest they begin by trying a single herb tea such as ginger, or spearmint, and begin to explore different blends that help the digestive system and help to relax. I would start there and enjoy the journey to becoming a tea lover. Our Cinnamon Green Tea and Rooibos Hibiscus herbal tea blends are great introductions into the world of herbal teas. I would recommend that they drink daily preferably by themselves and wait an hour before eating. This allows the herbal blends to get to the blood stream for maximum benefits.

The luxurious Black Label blend is a stand-out choice from ZABICOLife, featuring a unique blend of rare and exotic wild herbs sourced from pristine mountain rainforests

Which top three herbal teas would you recommend for some of the more common ailments people suffer with?

For women with uterine fibroid issues, I would recommend our Fibroid Tea. For people who have anxiety and stress, I would recommend our CBD Body Relax. For strengthening your immune system, I would recommend our Body Defense.

Where do you see the future of the luxury tea market going?

I see the future of the herbal tea expanding, as more and more people choose herbal teas for their health, benefits, as a lifestyle and a way to entertain.

What future plans do you have for ZABICOLife?

I plan to keep growing the brand and establishing ZABICOLife as the go-to brand for herbal teas. When people think of herbal teas, I would like ZABICOLife to be at the forefront of their minds and conversations.