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Bite the bullet: Battle of the blenders

blender juicer

Summer is high season for smoothies – and while it used to be Nutribullet: Ride or Die – there’s a new breed of bullets on the block. And as summer progresses and the weather warms up, if you fancy fresh juices and smoothies, these Top Five Nutri-Alternatives offer easy and delicious cold brews.


Salter Nutri Pro 1200: £52.99 from

Salter Nutri Pro 1200
Salter Nutri Pro 1200

Recently crowned the ‘Winner of the Best buy option on BBC2’s ‘What to Buy and Why’ – this nifty juicer soundly defeated the pricier Nutribullet 900 Pro, and Vitamix S30. Offering a unique multipurpose blade, it makes crushing ice look as smooth as a Drake video. Powerful yet easy to use it also comes with a one-litre blending cup which means you can make more than one serving at a time. Two cups come with it with easy-drink lids for juices on the go. Check out the full range at

Cons: None.

Overall Verdict: Chops ice in less than 30 seconds, no leaking, no mess, an all around hero.


SMEG Slow Juicer: 50’s Retro Juicer – Cream from

SMEG Slow Juicer: 50's Retro Juicer - Cream
SMEG Slow Juicer: 50’s Retro Juicer – Cream

Pros: If there was an award for the world’s most stylish juicer – this would be the hands down winner. The Smeg Slow Juicer uses a fully cold juicing system that foregoes blades and instead offers a slow squeezing system. This keeps all ingredients active without oxidizing – retaining as much flavour and as many nutrients as humanly possible. Your juices will be vivid in colour. It’s also works quietly so no worries early morning. A perfect boost that is also dishwasher safe- so easy to clean.

Cons: Because of the slow squeeze, it can take a slightly longer than other juicers to fill a glass. The chute is narrow so you may need to cut your ingredients up into smaller pieces. Heavy to move. Pricey.

Overall Verdict: Expensive but should last a long time. If you’re serious about stylish nutrition it’s heaven.


Lakeland Black Space Saver Power Blender – £42.99 from

Lakeland Black Space Saver Power Blender
Lakeland Black Space Saver Power Blender

If a normal sized blender is just too big to fit in your cupboard or on your counter this Space-Saver version is the answer. Giving you the functionality of a full-sized model, once finished it slots together taking up half the space of its competitors. With 2 speeds plus pulse, 6 stainless steel blades, and included jug and measuring cup it’s a good deal all around. 36cm H., reduces to 25.5cm for storage

Cons: It’s 600W so although it’s high powered, this is not for heavy duty crushing.

Overall Verdict: All the functionality of a regular blender but easier to store.


Andrew James Power Juicer – £34.99 from

Andrew James Power Juicer
Andrew James Power Juicer

Easy to use and a powerful yet quiet running 850 watt motor and a 2-speed rotary dial switch – this one adapts to soft or hard fruit. This ensures efficiency meaning the waste pulp from the Andrew James Power Juicer is 30% dryer than others. Generous feed chute means there is no prep chopping, peeling or cutting needed. Designed so it can be dismantled and assembled with ease making it easy to clean, and its built-in auto shut off function is an invaluable safety feature.

Cons: Still left a fair amount of pulp and not as easy to clean as some.

Overall Verdict: Good value for money, easy to use and gets the job done.


Nutri Ninja 700 W – £45 from

Nutri Ninja 700 W
Nutri Ninja 700 W

Pros: Regularly the top rated bullet on comparison websites, this is a powerful little superhero. Frozen fruit and ice, no problem and takes up almost no space on the kitchen counter. In addition to a Pulse option it gives you setting options such as “Blend” for softer ingredients or “Ultra-blend” for pulses and frozen food. There is a cute countdown screen showing how long is left before your juice is ready. Easy to clean, clever machine that comes with extra dishwasher-safe cups and sip-lids, as well as an inspiration guide.

Cons: The small size is plus for kitchen space but not so great if you want a double portion. And a little bit noisy but nothing crazy.

Overall Verdict: Five Stars.