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Encased in its dazzling precious metal cover, ultra premium champagne, Héloïse Lloris, takes luxury to a new level

Héloïse Lloris is perhaps the world’s most dazzling champagne ever.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 27, 2022
Héloïse Lloris

It started as a whisper and now Héloïse Lloris is fast becoming one of the world’s most talked-about champagne brands. Its exquisite taste and unique precious metal casing, hand-crafted in the UK, have seen it become the drink of choice for society’s elite, whether in ultra-glamorous nightclubs and restaurants or onboard superyachts.

The offering is not only the epitome of glamour, but one that is totally without parallel. Héloïse Lloris is one of the first high-end champagne brands to appear on the market in the last 15 years. As such it is fulfilling an ever-growing demand among those who are tired of the same mass-produced vintage and non-vintage brands and who desire a champagne that is made in the traditional way, using methods handed down through the centuries.

The brand’s 500-year-old champagne producers are proudly based in Chigny-Les-Roses. With over 300 villages in France producing champagne, Chigny-Les-Roses is only one of 44 that have been granted ‘Premier Cru’ status.

Still employing artisan methods in the champagne production and using grapes from single vineyards have both played a role in creating this new vanguard. Héloïse Lloris is characterised by deliciously complicated and consistent cuvées; it uses oak perfumed casks for dosage liquor and disgorging on demand, thereby creating remarkable bubble strength and density.

Héloïse Lloris bottle

These artisan techniques are combined and celebrated in the brand’s precious metal casings, skilfully produced by hand in England. For the quality of the champagne is just part of what makes Héloïse Lloris so unique; it also showcases a totally one-of-a-kind collaboration between skilled artisans on both sides of the channel.

As well as stunningly beautiful objects in their own right, these ‘patent protected’ bottle covers have been designed to recreate the darkness of a wine cellar and thus protect the wine from light damage and temperature fluctuation. This allows clients to enjoy the champagne at its optimum. Finished in either 24k gold or 18k rose gold, these casings cannot be removed and with every single one handmade, no two bottles are identical.

The tooling used in their creation is designed by the same company that makes metal badges for an iconic British supercar brand, coins for the Royal Mint and the medals for the Olympics.

Héloïse Lloris bottle

The bespoke nature of these one-of-a-kind casings also means that both prestigious companies and individuals can have their names or logos inserted on the front crest; precious stones, such as diamonds and sapphires, can also be incorporated into the design, making Héloïse Lloris the only champagne brand in the world to offer its clients such personalisation.

The Héloïse Lloris story is unique; inspired by legendary 12th century French scholar and Romantic writer, Héloïse, and the Latin name for that eternal symbol of victory and honour, the laurel tree, this extraordinary champagne is tailormade for luxury.

Aside from making a splash at the world’s premiere nightspots, Héloïse Lloris’s current collection, including its rare 1996 and 1998 vintages (disgorged on demand), is also creating huge excitement online. The range is available to buy here.