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Last Drop Distillers unveils 50YO blended Scotch

Last Drop Distillers unveils 50YO blended Scotch

The Last Drop Distillers, dubbed “the world’s most exclusive spirits company”, has launched the sixth bottling in its collection – of which only 898 bottles exist.

The rare and exquisite 50 Year Old ‘Double-Matured’ Blended Scotch Whisky has been uniquely blended from over 50 grain and malt whiskies, with the youngest in the blend having been distilled in 1965. The bottling has been awarded 97 points by Jim Murray, which places it in the ‘superstar whisky’ category.

The blend was originally created in 1995 and refilled into bourbon wood for marrying. Once the majority had been bottled, the remaining precious liquid was put back into seven Spanish Hogshead casks that previously held Oloroso sherry. These lay undisturbed in the Lowlands of Scotland for two further decades, with the second maturation developing the elixir until The Last Drop Distillers declared that the perfect moment for bottling had been reached.

The double maturation allowed for the whisky to take on character traits from both woods, with hints of stone fruit and honey arising from the bourbon, and rich and spicy tones taken on from the sherry wood casks.

50 Year Old ‘Double-Matured’ Blended Scotch Whisky
Only 898 bottles exist

The whisky forms part of the “Finest Aged” collection, which is represented by the motif of a Capercaillie. This near-extinct bird is known for engaging in an impressive courting ritual – strutting a spectacular display and emitting a series of calls which have been likened to the sound of popping corks. The elegant and proud characteristics of the Capercaillie perfectly represent the whiskies in this particular collection – symbolising their exceptionally rare and grand qualities.

Each bottle of The Last Drop 50 Year Old is hand-bottled, unfiltered and unrefined from the cask, and sealed with a driven cork dipped in boiling wax. The entirely natural maturing process has given this whisky a spring in its step and a strength of 51.8%.

Andrew Rankin, ‘nose’ to The Last Drop distillers, has shared his tasting notes for this unique blend: “On the palate, the whisky is rich and smooth with generous dark raisin, star anise and baked plums. The finish is luscious and lingering; red grape and blackcurrant with a subtle overtone of liquorice.”

The blend has an RRP of £3,000. UK stockists can be found here.