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Restaurant Review: Beer, wine and food pairing menu at Zerodegrees, Blackheath London

Zerodegrees, Blackheath London

Leaders in the concept of a micro-brewery where hard-core beer and ale aficionados can sample a selection of lovingly brewed labels, Zerodegrees have taken the lead one step further by introducing their new food, beer and wine pairing menu.

The set pairing menu is undeniably one for those who don’t mind a mid to early week booze up. Seated behind one of the large brewery containers, a dining experience at Zerodegrees is truly incorporated in their USP.

Zerodegrees, Blackheath London
Zerodegrees have venues in Blackheath, Bristol and Reading

Sharing everything as we go, this newly paired menu presents us with, beer (of course) … battered Cajun king prawns served with a clean-cut wheat beer and Chardonnay, with bites of cigera, (pastry rolls filled with feta and ricotta). With this, the famous mango beer and a fresh Pino Grigio. Starters are fun and easy to swap and share and introduce diners into this unique dining and drinking concept.

Showcasing two of their most popular dishes, Zerodegrees paired main courses include Carne Asada pizza, partnered up with a hoppy pale ale and a smooth wine with their impressive kilo pot of Thai green mussels. This hearty pot of mussels is complemented with my personal favourite of the night – Zerodegree’s pilsner and an Il Banchetto Blanco wine. Dessert concludes their creativity with their pizza oven – plating up a caramelised fig & mascarpone pizza with another pale ale and the introduction of some prosecco bubbles. Almost stealing the show is their memorable tiramisu paired with the darkest lager available, the black lager and is counteracted with a sweet rose.

Zerodegrees, Blackheath London
Zerodegrees redefines the traditional concept of pizza by translating UK’s favourite international flavours and tastes on to a gourmet pizza

Opening back at the turn of the millennium the vision for the name Zerodegrees came from the meridian line that runs directly through the leafy south east London suburb of Blackheath. But away from the premises, and most importantly, Zerodegrees is an in-house brewery which has been woven into the design concept of the restaurant itself – one is not without the other. Scouring the menu, the signature ales are paired with various dishes and are suited to all tastes.

Open and honest, the unique layout of Zerodegrees’s micro-brewery allows all who enter the opportunity to see, smell and taste the beers. A strong motto – they believe that by offering organic beers that are unfiltered, pasteurized and without additives the beers and ales themselves are healthier, tastier and with fuller flavours. Since 2000 Zerodegrees has opened a handful of other branches nationwide. These include Bristol, Reading and Cardiff but with the original name from Blackheath spanning the lot.

Zerodegrees, Blackheath London
Zerodegrees says their mission is to provide a definitive theatre- style dining and drinking experience, using only the freshest ingredients to create inspiring gourmet dishes and exceptional freshly brewed beers from their onsite brewery

Championing a brewery and restaurant as one, Zerodegrees has filled a gap in the market linking the culinary market with homebrewed and expert pairings. This new food pairing menu only illustrates further their forward-thinking ideal and love of real beer highlighting the flavours of the brews with expert pairings.

Address: Derodegrees, 29-31 Montpelier Vale, London SE3 0TJ, 020 8852 5619,