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Tasty treats: Cupcake business launches in London with a spicy twist

Aroma Cake Boutique

An innovative cupcake venture has recently launched offering up the sweet treats with a spicy difference.

Aroma Cake Boutique was created by London businesswoman, Krupali Gore, and offers hand crafted creations delicately spiced with aromatic spices and floral notes from India and the Middle East.

Krupali explains: “Having recently turned thirty I felt it was the right time to bring my unique cupcake concept to life after reflecting on my own wedding last year and recalling a gap in the market for more intriguing flavour combinations.” She squeezed in time around her full time job as an accountant and taught herself how to make velvet smooth icing and refined her decorating techniques to bring her cupcakes to a high standard.

Aroma Cake Boutique came about from Krupali’s passion for sugar and spice. Her taste for eclectic sweet treats stemmed from her upbringing as a British-Indian, indulging in both traditional Gujarati sweets as well as Afternoon Tea classics. Her inspiration for baking and cakes is her mother. “She is a truly amazing woman and an equally fantastic cook. Whenever she baked I was her little helper, and taster! We share a love of cakes and desserts!”

Aroma Cake Boutique was created by London businesswoman, Krupali Gore
Aroma Cake Boutique was created by London businesswoman, Krupali Gore

Aroma’s cakes are perfumed with opulent spices from the East, some being amongst the most exclusive spices in history. These include the striking saffron strand, fragrant cardamom and sweet, warming cinnamon. Krupali has carefully mulled these spices into each of her recipes to ensure they are well-balanced, and most importantly, delightful on the taste buds. There is also a host of health benefits which accompanies the spices used in these cakes, and Krupali hopes to showcase these. She explains: “There are so many natural remedies offered by spices. From easing digestion to anti-inflammatory properties, each spice has a natural gift.”

Aroma Cake Boutique offers tantalising cupcake flavours such as chai masala & rose (highly recommended!), coconut & cardamom with saffron, pistachio & lemon-rose drizzle and almond & orange blossom. Bespoke cupcakes are also available to suit her clients’ requirements.

Krupali’s use of fine ingredients sits at the core of Aroma Cake Boutique. From free-range eggs to high quality and organic flours sourced from specialist millers within the UK, quality is clearly non-negotiable. “The chai masala blend which I use is homemade by my mother, and has a gorgeous fragrance when freshly ground!” This authentic touch adds even more charm and appeal to these dainty cupcakes.

Gluten-free cakes also hold a prominent position in Aroma Cake Boutique’s range. Some of these are made with ground coconut, pistachio or almond in place of conventional flours containing gluten. The result is an exciting, flavoursome gluten-free cupcake range.

Aroma Cake Boutique offers tantalising cupcake flavours
Aroma Cake Boutique offers tantalising cupcake flavours

Keeping up with new lifestyle and dietary trends, Krupali is keen to add her signature hint of spice to the increasingly popular egg-free and vegan cakes. Many people exclude egg from their diets due to allergies, preference or religious practices. It is because of this that Krupali is now starting to develop a range of vegan alternatives to her existing flavour collection.

Krupali’s vision for Aroma Cake Boutique is to build its client base through private orders, events and artisan markets, with the dream to someday have her cakes stocked in London’s finest retailers and to open her own boutique bakery in London. “My goal is to strike the perfect balance of fusion flavours with the iconic cupcake.”

Standard sized cupcakes range from £2 to £3.50 and mini cupcakes range from 75p to £1.25 both dependent on quantity, vegan or gluten-free options chosen.