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The Cool Down: Top 6 Wine Coolers

We take a look at the top five wine coolers

Sunlight, heat and poor storage are all factors which can affect the quality of a good wine before it’s even out of the bottle, and once it’s time to pour, even a great wine can be a disappointment if it’s served at the wrong temperature.

We take a look at the top six wine coolers, which can help protect your investment and keep it ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

La Sommelière SLS33DZ – Freestanding Wine Cooler

What: A freestanding dual zone wine cooler.

Why: The beauty of the La Sommelière SLS33DZ wine cooler is its compact size, whilst still offering dual zones (2 temperature zones) allowing you to chill two different types of wine with one fridge. A UV protected black glass door is modern in style, and protects your wine from ageing due to sunlight exposure. It’s also fitted with a vibration-free system, which further protects your wine from damage.

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Miele KWT6831 SG Wine Cooler

What: A freestanding wine cooling unit

Why: This model from Miele combines style with efficiency to provide optimum wine storing conditions. Fitted with a UV filtered glass door to block out the sunlight and featuring three different temperature zones, this is a must-have for wine enthusiasts who want to store their stock safely at home.

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Sub-Zero Wine Cabinet

What: A freestanding wine cabinet

Why: The Sub-Zero wine cabinet is truly something to behold. Featuring 15 shelves made from cherry wood and with soft LED interior lighting, this is the ultimate cabinet for showing off a good wine selection.

Not only can this model hold up to 147 bottles but it can store them between 3°C and 18°C in either of its two temperature zones. 

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Hostess Single Bottle Wine Chiller

What: A single wine chiller to take to the table

Why: Sometimes having a bottle of warm white wine is inevitable, if a guest has turned up with a tepid offering or even if you’ve forgotten the pre-dinner chill, The Hostess single bottle wine chiller can help out. Simply plug the chiller into the mains and select your desired temperature to serve.

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John Lewis Integrated Wine Cabinet

What: A space-saving wine storage unit

Why: If you want to keep your wines at the optimum temperature, without a large unit dominating your kitchen, this cooler is the one for you. Holding up to seven bottles of wine at a time, the electronic touch temperature controller allows you to adjust between +5°C and +18°C.

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Liebherr Vinidor Under Worktop 2/3 Temperature Wine Cabinet

What: An under counter cooler 

Why: The success of this chiller is all in the name; it’s an under the counter cabinet, offering sleek storage, whilst still being able to hold a generous 38 bottles. With a stylish stainless steel finish and two temperature zones offering up to 20°C storage, this unit is ideal for champagne, white and red wines alike.

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Still in need of some inspiration? Well check out this great website,, for the latest reviews of the very best built in wine coolers and refrigerators.