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The top 6 vegan foodie accounts to follow on Instagram this year

By LLM Reporters  |  September 3, 2020

Hands up if you’ve ever accidentally wasted an entire afternoon scrolling on Instagram? We’ve lost many hours of our lives immersing ourselves in its array of mouth-watering foodie accounts, and we’re willing to bet that we’re not alone.

This year, as the number of vegans in the UK reaches 3.5 million – that’s a whopping 360% increase over the past ten years – there are more beautifully-curated plant-based accounts popping up than ever before. And, as the trend for cutting out animal products in a bid to save our animals and protect our planet continues to gather momentum, it’s a development that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Veganism is more than just a fad or diet choice, it’s a lifestyle, too. According to the Vegan Society, it’s “the biggest social justice movement of our time” – and with the number of vegans only set to increase in 2021, it is well and truly here to stay.

vegan food
Always remember, vegan food never has to be boring or bland!

Not everyone experimenting with plant-based cooking is a full-time vegan, and the plethora of exciting and innovative recipes out there is inspiring more and more people to dip their toes in the water, going ‘flexitarian’ or embracing casual veganism for several days each week. Gone are the days where foregoing meat and dairy products meant giving up your favourite foods as cheesecakes, creamy curries and even pizzas are still very much on the menu.

If you’re feeling inspired to get scrolling once again in a bid to get creative in the kitchen, then look no further because we’ve rounded up the best vegan foodie accounts to save you trawling.

We asked the Instagram experts at – which enables new Instagrammers to get off to a flying start and buy 30 Instagram likes – pick out their top five vegan foodie accounts on Instagram to follow this year – and they’ve certainly done a good job.

Deliciously Ella

The woman who single-handedly made plant-based eating cool, Ella Woodward’s ‘Deliciously Ella’ Instagram account and blog have been the first port of call for anyone looking to make the switch to veganism.

Arguably the first person in the UK to publicly showcase the endless possibilities of plant-based cooking, Ella’s account, which has since inspired several best-selling books, is all the proof needed that vegan food doesn’t have to be boring. With a little creativity, you can veganise almost anything, and you’ll certainly be tempted to try out a dish or two.

It’s All Good Vegan

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Anyone else craving pizza this weekend? If so, you should try this GREEN GODDESS PIZZA 🌱Topped with mozzarella cheese, zucchini, microgreens, fresh basil, and avocado. This crust is light, crispy, and is loaded with healthy greens. Not only will this pizza keep you feeling satisfied but full. Have you ever tried Avocado on your pizza? I am a firm believer that avocado makes everything better 🥑 So I thought, why not add slices of creamy avocado to the top of my pizza? Not only does it taste amazing but is also packed with nutritional values. Avocados are filled with fiber, heart healthy fats, and even contain more potassium than bananas. Who would have known this bright green fruit was so amazing? Don’t feel like making your own pizza crust? No worries, you can buy it Premade at your local grocery store. Or you can use nann bread! You will find this recipe on my blog under 👉🏼 new recipes. I left the link in my bio! Happy Sunday friends!

A post shared by Marissa | It’s All Good Vegan (@itsallgoodvegan) on

Headed up by Missouri-based Marissa, It’s All Good Vegan is a plant-based foodie’s dream. This beautifully curated feed incorporates colourful favourites like smoothie bowls and soups alongside heartier fare and mouth-watering pasta dishes, giving you everything you need to eat a healthy diet whilst enjoying a little indulgence, too.

Her homemade hummus, which features often, is a favourite, while the no-bake peanut butter cups are a quick, easy and decadent treat for when that sweet-tooth strikes.

The Superfood Goddess

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I got off depression & Panic attack meds about 8 years ago!! I was severely & clinically depressed most of my childhood. I HAD NO IDEA. I thought it was normal to feel SO bad and to fake being “ok,” and to throw a HUGE smile on my face. I didn’t want anyone to know because everyone else’s life seemed so perfect. I was already different, having divorced parents & a mom from another country, I didn’t want this to be another definition of me. My smile became my mask. It’s how I hid my real feelings from the world. Do I still default to this face? ABSOLUTELY, and in some cases it has saved me, but it also hasn’t always been the real me. I choose positivity because I know what darkness feels like. I choose to smile because frowning takes more effort. I choose positivity, because even when I don’t feel it, I eventually start to believe it, even if it’s freaking halfway through the day. They don’t tell us this, BUT the connection to our gut health and our mental health is HUGELY correlated! Like at least 70-80% correlated, THATS F*CKING HUGE!! Ask @theguthealthmd Dr. B! He just released his amazing book “FIBER FUELED.” (You can Go to his bio to find where to get). He talks all about the gut & brain connection as well as, preventing disease & so much more! 🌱 If you’re looking to feel better, have more energy, more mental clarity, get rid of brain fog and sluggishness, hit me up… I have room for a few more 1:1 coaching clients & I would be happy to serve you. 🌱 No matter what you’re going through, I hope you acknowledge the moment, sit with yourself & perhaps journal, there might be a lesson later, and then put one foot 🦶🏼 in front 🦶🏼 of the other… that’s all we can do sometimes. That’s okay. 🌱 Happy Thursday loves!! Xoxo, @thesuperfoodgoddess 🌱 This salad 🥗 is topped with gut healthy sauerkraut from @wildbrine Avocado 🥑 @go_raw sprouted pumpkin seeds, Garbanzo beans, carrots, and beets!l, in an eco friendly @coconutbowls 🌱 #Mentalhealthawareness #veganformentalhealth #fiberfueled

A post shared by Stephie B • Vegan Health Coach (@thesuperfoodgoddess) on

For clean, green, plant-based fare, The Superfood Goddess, by vegan health coach Stephie B, has got you covered – and serves up a good dose of healthy lifestyle content alongside the food. If you’re looking to boost your health as well as embracing the plant-based lifestyle then her nutrient-packed smoothies and Buddha bowls are all of the encouragement you’ll need.

The Minimalist Baker

If baking’s your bag, then head straight on over to The Minimalist Baker, where you’ll find an endless selection of decadent sweet and savoury recipes, each with fewer than ten ingredients. Everyone knows that plant-based baking can be complicated, sometimes requiring a shopping list as long as your arm, but all recipes here are quick, simple, to the point – and take under 30 minutes to make.

From smoothies to summer rolls, despite the name this page isn’t limited to cakes, biscuits and breads alone. If you’re looking for a well-respected cook in the field, with lots of colourful content, then this is the page for you.

Bosh TV

Authors of the popular Bosh! cookery book series, Henry and Ian have often been compared to the likes of Joe Wicks, owing largely to their quick, easy, no-fuss recipes and enthusiastic personas.

Featuring an array of snappy, easy-to-follow-recipes that pack a definite plant-based punch, these are your guys when it comes to veganising your traditional home favourites – from lasagnes and pasta dishes to paellas and pies.

Forever Vegan Kitchen

A relative newcomer to the vegan food scene, Natasha Gibbens set up the Forever Vegan Kitchen food delivery service in London to provide those looking to incorporate more plant-based meals, those who are vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, with delicious dinners and treats from all over the world. Her impressive Instagram channel is packed full of mouthwatering plant-based recipe ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of going plant-based, or even swapping out a dish or two a week, there’s never been a better time. And once you’re following these six mouth-watering foodie accounts, there’ll be no stopping you from giving it a try.