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The world’s most beautiful restaurants

By LLM Reporters  |  November 13, 2020
Image Credit: Ristorante La Sponda at Le Sirenuse

We’ve all been to at least one restaurant in our lifetime that has blown us away for all of the right reasons – and we’re not just talking about the food. A good luxury dining experience takes all of the little details into account, from providing a great service to creating a magical atmosphere – and often, the places we remember the most are the ones that have nailed all three.

In the current era of Instagram, many of the most photogenic restaurants out there are making a name for themselves for everything from beautiful lighting and cosy seating to glamorous décor – the food often coming second. Some of the most beautiful restaurant interiors attract visitors from across the globe, many of whom are just as eager to get ‘the shot’ at these increasingly iconic locations as they are to enjoy the mouth-watering menus.

Want to know where you should be making a booking for 2021? Take a look at the top four most beautiful restaurant interiors in the world, handpicked by Industville, the restaurant lighting experts.

The Alchemist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has emerged as a front-runner in the coolest social spaces in recent years, and The Alchemist is a prime example as to why. This breath-takingly futuristic fine dining eatery pushes the boundaries just about as far as they can go, creating a planetarium-esque feel that will captivate you from the moment you set foot inside the door.

This impressive three-story space doesn’t do things by halves, and promises an immersive experience that is far more than just dinner. Sprawling over an enormous 22,000 square feet beneath an epic dome depicting the night sky and lighting up the entire space, it is complemented by a handful of costumed actors and a dramatic narrative throughout. If you visit just one restaurant on our list then you’ll want to make it this one – it promises an evening quite unlike any you will have had before – and with 30 chefs on hand to cater to just 40 guests, you can guarantee the food has received more than enough attention to detail to impress, too.

Ristorante La Sponda at Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy

Image credit: Le Sirenuse

Positano is a destination that is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and quintessentially Italian restaurants and eateries, and Ristorante La Sponda at the beautiful Le Sirenuse hotel is the epitome of all of its infectious charm. Inspired by the long-standing culinary traditions of the wider Amalfi Coast, La Sponda is a regular spot on Instagram, and one glance inside is enough to understand why. Illuminated each evening by over 400 candles, the ambience here is chic, sophisticated and romantic all at once, and with vines climbing the pristine white archways and additional greenery complementing the slick white furniture, it’s a dreamy place to dine that you’ll be eager to tick off your bucket list.

Botánic, Mallorca, Spain

Image credit: Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden

A whimsical eatery set within Mallorca’s Can Bordov Grand House and Garden, Botánic’s interiors are evidently inspired by the verdant greenery of the surrounding gardens, and with a regal colour palette which sets greens, blues and purples in rich yet muted shades against dark wood furniture, it’s a fun yet sophisticated dining destination. Chef Andrés Benitez’s menu is plant-based, with many of the ingredients grown in the grounds. Book your table for a Sunday, and you’ll enjoy live piano music over brunch.

Odette, Singapore

Image credit: Odette

The chic and serene Odette restaurant can be found within Singapore’s National Gallery, and was designed by interiors expert Sacha Leong, at Universal Design Studios. Mainly white throughout, it’s both elegant and minimalistic in equal doses, and features a glass kitchen so that guests can watch their food being cooked while they sip on a glass or two of champagne. A prime example of less truly being more, the restaurant makes use of sophisticated lighting choices to create an opulent atmosphere. Uplit panelling lines the walls and creates a thoroughly modern feel.