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Upgrade your kitchen with these high-end coffee accessories

Here are some of the best coffee accessories you need for that perfect high-end barista experience at home.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 2, 2022
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If you love coffee, there’s nothing better than drinking it the way it was meant to be enjoyed – fresh and hot, and right out of your kitchen. Of course, quite a few things go into creating the perfect cup of coffee, starting with the coffee beans themselves, and even if you get everything else just right, one important element that many people neglect is the coffee equipment. 

There are plenty of convenient coffee accessories you can use to enhance your brew experience in the comfort of your own home, and why not pair your new favourite kitchen upgrade with one of the UK’s best coffee subscriptions too, for a perfect monthly fix of coffee beans?

Here are some of the coffee accessories you need for that perfect high-end barista experience at home.

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Espresso Machine

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Espresso Machine

Espresso making is a delicate art. You’ll need to know how to grind coffee beans properly, make espresso for the correct length of time, and foam milk exquisitely. Perfectly brewed espresso with a golden crema is high on the agenda too.

Producing one of the most luxurious home espresso machines on the market is no easy task, but the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima has become a symbolic machine to grace beautiful kitchens across the UK. 

The Prima is a consumer version of the café level Eagle One, meaning it has everything a coffee shop level espresso machine has, with a reduced footprint to fit into smaller spaces in your home. This coffee machine is for you if you want an exquisite, contemporary style – the cutting-edge panels, intricate legs and detailing showcase that it’s a first class coffee machine.

The Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima was created to be efficient. It recycles discharged water to preheat incoming water via its innovative thermal energy recovery system therefore, decreasing waste. It also pre-infuses each shot of espresso with water, smoothing out any inconsistencies generated by tamping and delivering a well-rounded taste.

It is an excellent coffee accessory if you want an efficient espresso machine for the perfect brew at home or a small business.

Fellow ODE Grinder

Fellow ODE Grinder

Freshly ground beans are one of the most vital components of a superb cup of coffee. As a result, if you have an excellent burr grinder, you’ll be on your way to a better-tasting coffee because you’ll be able to grind your beans correctly before brewing. Even if you don’t drink espresso, this brew grinder should be on your list because you can produce filter coffee and you’ll have the option of adding a dash of milk. 

The Ode’s exceptional grind consistency is what really separates this coffee grinder from others. It features a compact, durable chassis, perfect to pair next to your brand new coffee machine. This grinder makes the challenge of precision brewing easy for any coffee lover. 

The Fellow Ode grinder has 64mm flat burrs, a small footprint, single-dose loading, an auto-stop feature, and grinds quickly and silently. There are other lower-priced electric burr grinders, like the sage coffee grinder. But those grinders don’t offer the Fellow Ode’s unique features like its auto-stop function and those 64mm flat burrs.

The grinder is ideal for anyone who needs a sleek grinder that works well with most brewing methods at home.

Fellow Stag Kettle with Bluetooth Control

Fellow Stag Kettle with Bluetooth Control

Not so much of an espresso fan, and prefer your black coffee straight up? Great filter coffee is simple to prepare when you have the right accessories at home.

Consistency is the key to making a fantastic brewed coffee, and the Fellow Stagg electric kettle gives precisely that – it takes the guesswork out of making a consistent cup so you’ll enjoy the cup you want every single day. This electric kettle is one of the best coffee kettles on the market. It is not just packed with features that make it ideal for baristas, but also elegant and simple, fitting nicely into any home coffee environment.

The Fellow Stagg’s variable temperature control allows it to heat water to the precise temperature you desire, but that’s not all it offers. The hold feature can maintain water at the temperature you specify for up to an hour. In addition, it has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect to your smartphone, from here, you control the kettle remotely.

Imagine waking up and having the luxury of adjusting the temperature from your bed. When you combine this with the built-in timer, you have a modern piece of coffee accessory at arm’s length.

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder 

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder 

Achieving the perfect cup of coffee at home may not be the most cost effective way of getting your fix each day, especially if you enjoy both espresso and filter coffee. Unfortunately, not only do you require distinct brewing equipment, but a grinder is rarely capable of doing both operations. That’s where the Niche Zero coffee grinder comes to the fore. It is a highly efficient single-dose grinder that delivers plenty of flexibility and accuracy so that you can brew espresso and filter coffee without having multiple grinders.

We especially like the zero retention option. OK, it may not be absolutely zero, but it’s so minor that removing and discarding grounds anytime you alter the grind setting is not necessary. In addition, it’s pretty simple to switch between different brew styles without purging.

Despite its rather premium cost, we believe it provides excellent value. Indeed, for the price, it isn’t easy to find a coffee grinder that provides a comparable user experience, adaptability, and most importantly, the ability to switch between espresso and filter grind so easily. 

The Niche Zero coffee grinder features a sturdy and robust build quality, is simple to use and is easy to clean. These characteristics, when combined, make it a perfect choice for homebrewing.

The bottom line

Home brewing can be a costly way to get a cup of coffee each day, but it will provide you with a unmatchable brew each and every day, and that’s priceless. With these accessories and the best UK coffee subscription in the UK, you’re certain to enjoy the tastiest coffee from the comfort of your home, start your home brewing journey now and you’ll never look back!