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Top tips for creating a sociable space in your garden

By Natasha Heard  |  August 21, 2020

When living in more wintry climes it’s easy to assume that gardens are just for summertime. Who really wants to sit out in the cold, rainy and windy weather? Not us, but there are plenty of occasions when autumn and winter provide some rather blissful days of weather and you crave some vitamin D and a blast of fresh air to freshen your soul. It also important to consider that, if this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need our friends and family by our sides, and socialising is very important.

If you’re not too comfortable with the idea of hanging out in your local pub or meeting with loved ones in a restaurant just yet, or perhaps you’ve just realised that you want to see people as much as possible but the guidelines won’t allow too much at-home activity, how about creating a sociable escape of your own in your very own back garden?

Good company and a glass or two of wine shouldn’t be compromised on if it’s what you so desire and there are plenty of things to consider when creating a sociable space outdoors, that’s why we’ve rounded up some useful tips for you to follow below.

Creating a dedicated space for dining and gathering will be appealing in your garden

Make sure its all-weather proof with a top-quality parasol

Now, us UK residents love a good chat about the weather; we find ourselves continually discussing what it’s doing now, what we think might happen tomorrow, next week and next month, but the truth is, we really don’t have much of a clue, even when regularly consulting the forecast. The element of surprise is wonderful in many situations, but when it comes to hosting a gathering in your garden, the addition of some unexpected wet weather really isn’t called for.

This is why our absolute top tip is to grab yourself a top-quality parasol. Perfect for those occasions when the odd shower wants to give our plants a good water, having a wide, sturdy parasol can save your social gathering from potential disaster. They are also fantastic for those days when the sun is a little too scorching for our delicate skin and you want to enjoy an al fresco meal in comfort.

We are certain that this year will bring an Indian summer so don’t worry if you think it’s a little too late to be considering purchasing yourself some garden gear, there will be months to enjoy your outdoor space. We love the offerings from Solero as they are built for private or commercial use meaning that they are not only sturdy, but come with a great range of features and in a selection of styles too to suit whatever set up you have in mind.

You will want to ensure that your space is as welcoming and comfortable as can be

Head over to to pick out a parasol that will look great in your garden – you can grab one with lighting or a heater installed to save you purchasing those stand-alone items separately, there are wall-mounted options, cantilever parasols and they comes in a range of shapes and sizes.

Make sure it’s easily accessible

When hosting a selection of your favourite friends or family members, it’s important to create an easily accessible space for you all to reach. You might have a nice little sunny spot at the end of your garden but you don’t really want people traversing the length of it just to get a good seat. And when you need to top up drinks or bring out food, you’ll want the dedicated area to be within easy reach much like the way a dining room is placed near the kitchen indoors.

Consider creating an area near to your kitchen door but not blocking any wonderful views you may have and think about leading guests to the area via paving stones, decking or a dedicated pathway so it feels a little more special. Also think about the access from your driveway or the street and make sure guests can find their way around easily without having to walk through your home to get there.

You will want your dedicated area to be within easy reach of your house and the street

Make sure you have a welcoming space

Any good gathering is more about the people involved rather than the surroundings, but when hosting you will want to ensure that your space is as welcoming and comfortable as can be. Get the gardener in before any event, if needed, to clear away any weeds and position some pretty pots and flowers around the space but try not to attract the wasps to the area – citronella candles should do the trick at keeping them at bay.

Get yourself some good quality furniture to make guests feel comfortable, make sure you have enough seats for everyone to dine comfortably and dress your table like you would an indoor dinner party. Making sure you have a decent barbecue or pizza oven and some good quality wine to hand is also a great way to ensure your guests always say yes to your invite.