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Review: We test out the Body Ballancer treatment at Gazelli House London

By Ina Yulo Stuve  |  February 2, 2020

Situated in a townhouse in South Kensington, Gazelli House London is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. Aside from experiencing the award-winning line of Gazelli skincare, guests are spoilt for choice with a treatment menu that is curated by a team of experts including a reiki master, acupuncturist, empowerment coach, fertility expert, and more.

“We believe the happiest people are those who have a healthy balance between their emotional and physical being; at Gazelli House, tapping into this connection is the root of everything we do,” says Gazelli founder Jamila Askarova.

As the daughter of Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva, a scientist from Baku who was a forerunner in linking skincare with wellbeing, Askarova created Gazelli House London with the hopes of bringing the clinically-proven Azerbaijani brand to the local market.

Situated in a townhouse in South Kensington, Gazelli House London is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life

We paid a visit to Gazelli House to try out The Body Ballancer treatment. The Body Ballancer is a compression therapy system which utilises the principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage uses light pressure and long strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage the body to flush out toxins.

Increasing energy levels, fighting inflammation, and reducing the appearance of cellulite are just some of the benefits that can be expected from a lymphatic drainage massage. The Body Ballancer tool helps to speed up all of these results whilst providing a relaxing massage at the same time.

I walked into Gazelli House and was greeted by Ilona, the resident body expert. With over twenty years as a body expert and massage therapist, Ilona is well-versed in tailoring treatments according to an individual’s specific body aches and pains and the stress that might exacerbate these.

Gazelli House provides a holistic approach to health, and clients can attend wellbeing events and buy the award-winning Gazelli skincare brand

Ilona offered me a refreshment before leading me in to one of the beautifully-designed treatment rooms. As the treatment can be done fully-clothed, she immediately helped me into the Body Ballancer suit and instructed me to relax.

As I lay on the treatment bed, Ilona explained how the 55-minute treatment consisted of different phases of targeted rhythmic movements that I would feel from my abdomen down to my feet. The machine next to me helped me see which phase of the treatment I was in and also had a clock so I could keep track of time. The entire experience was extremely relaxing, soothing, and I immediately felt light right after.

Whilst improvements with bloating and puffiness can be observed after just one treatment, when it comes to reducing cellulite and improving skin tone, it is recommended to undergo a course of 12 treatments over 3-4 weeks.


Address: 174 Walton St, Chelsea, London SW3 2JL
Phone: 020 7581 4355

Main image credit: Alexis Hamilton