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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Adam Shaw, the mental health pioneer

Read on to discover our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  August 6, 2022
Adam Shaw

We caught up with Adam Shaw, the mental health pioneer who, over the past five years, has invested more than £10 million into revolutionising mental health recovery and support. Adam’s work has made mental health education mandatory in UK schools, reaching 10.9 million children in the process. He has also formed the Shawmind charity and created the world’s first (and biggest) mental health publisher, Welbeck-Trigger.

My car of choice

Having a busy, transatlantic lifestyle between my homes in the UK and US, and having five children, I have a mix of cars. My favourite is my all-American custom-made lifted Ford 250 Truck. I also have a Range Rover Vogue and an Aston Martin DBS.

My favourite holiday destination

I don’t honestly have much time to take vacations due to my commitment and passion to mental health, however, I do have houses in Florida, Sheffield (where I’m originally from) and Puerto Calero in Lanzarote.

Adam Shaw, the mental health pioneer

My gadget I can’t live without

It has to be both my Apple iPhone and iPad.

My go to fashion brand

I’m a sneaker freak and collect all the Air Jordan range. On my ‘smart days’ I tend to wear Hugo Boss blazers and suits. My favourite shoes are made by Barkers of London.

My airline of choice

It has to be British Airways, as in my early life I was a pilot for BA before starting my first company. My close circle of friends are still pilots to this day. My best friend is also a Captain for British Airways.

My favourite watch brand

I don’t wear any kind of jewellery; I’ve always felt like a confident man has no need to wear jewellery. But, I do have two Rolex watches, which I’m keeping safe to pass on to my two sons in the fullness of time: advice which my father gave to me.

Adam Shaw, the mental health pioneer

My favourite restaurant

In Florida, it’s got to be Tampa’s Eddie V’s. When I’m in London, it’s Sexy Fish in Mayfair.

My guilty pleasure

Listening to boyband music from the 1990s on my iPhone!

My favourite way to give back

Giving and dedicating the rest of my life to creating impact for mental health sufferers through my charity and through More information about my ongoing work and commitment to mental health recovery, support, transformation and prevention can be found at