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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Jazmin Schmerber, model and fashion entrepreneur

Read on to discover our latest interviewee’s answers for The Luxury Lifestyle List.

By LLM Reporters  |  February 6, 2022
Jazmin Schmerber, model and entrepreneur

We caught up with Jazmin Schmerber, the successful model and fashion entrepreneur.

Over a 10-year modelling career Jazmin graced the covers and was featured in magazines such as ELLE Magazine, Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

She has recently launched Equilibre, a premium clothing brand that delivers a fresh approach to activewear with pieces that move with you, creating an intersection between fashion and function, balancing the best of both worlds together in a collection that provides a beautiful framework for authentic self-expression.

My car of choice

I’m a huge Porsche fan. Ever since I was little, I always imagined living by the coast and being able to drive one. I’ve loved every model Porsche has ever made. From their vintage cars to SUV’s. My current favourite is the new electric Porsche Taycan.

My favourite holiday destination

My favourite holiday destination must be Australia. I love visiting the Gold Coast! Australia has some of the most diverse geography. Every part of the coast offers a different kind of outdoor adventure. From the Opera House in Sydney to scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. You have so many options in outback experiences and even wine tasting. I think living by the water adds a lot of fulfilment to people’s happiness levels.

Jazmin Schmerber, model and entrepreneur

My gadget I can’t live without

If I had to pick one gadget, it would be my headphones. I constantly make sure I have them with me before I leave or go anywhere, like my wallet. I use them for everything from work to sleep. They get me pumped for workouts, or if I just want to cancel noise. It truly helps.

My go to fashion brand

This has to be Mugler. They can do no wrong. The styles are sexy, daring and made for the confident. I like how every piece is a statement piece and you feel like you’re buying a part of history.

My airline of choice

Virgin Atlantic. It’s always been a fun airline from the check-in process to service. I was lucky enough to be on a flight that had an in-flight bar. Virgin Airlines sets a nice mood with their cool lighting.

My favourite watch brand

My favourite watch brand is Cartier. I love their watches because of the minimal style. They’re very simple and elegant. It’s a timeless piece that you can keep in the family and hand down. It’s also not flashy and can be worn everyday with any outfit.

Jazmin Schmerber, model and entrepreneur

My favourite restaurant

I simply adore Quince in San Francisco. Everything is seasonal and locally sourced. I like to try their tasting menu because they pair the dishes with the best wines. Napa is nearby, so they truly have the best wines and foods.

My guilty pleasure

Tough question, but it’s probably buying too many coats and jackets. They’re a must for me with any outfit. You can truly make anything look cool with a nice jacket. I must stop myself from wanting to purchase more coats and jackets as I am running out of closet space.

My favourite way to give back

If I can be a part of a collaboration with the goal to give back. We recently auctioned digitised pieces as NFTs for a local charity in San Francisco. I also try to donate money to organisations that are local to a city in need during any type of natural disaster. During the California fires a few years ago, a friend and I started a fundraiser for healthcare supplies and sleeping bags on my Instagram. We purchased all the items ourselves and distributed them at the shelters in northern California.