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Hotel Review: Le Sutra, Khar (W), Mumbai in India

Le Sutra, Khar (W), Mumbai in India

Recently I was invited to Le Sutra – a unique art hotel located in the buzzing Khar area in Mumbai. This hotel blends contemporary chic with traditional Indian art in its beautifully designed rooms. A lot of thought has gone into designing this hotel including the in-house gallery, spa called Angdai and the popular restaurant Out of the Blue. I was put up in the Shringar room which is one of the sixteen rooms housed in the world’s first Indian Art Hotel. Shringar is the art of adornment, romance, culture, beauty and enjoyment. It is with Shringar that a woman attracts a man and his aura, thus enriching her own. The room is decorated by a beautiful painting which showcases the different moods of a woman; it portrays the idea of self love. The mirror installation in the bathroom represents the many facets of a woman; mirrors symbolize self love, an important aspect of Shringar. The Shringar room also has a Peacock Chair and a Nathni Lamp as part of the theme.

Le Sutra, Khar (W), Mumbai in India
Le Sutra is a unique art hotel located in the buzzing Khar area in Mumbai

Le Sutra is conveniently located at a 40-minute drive from Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport. Featuring Indian Artworks, this stylish hotel offers rooms which are inspired by Indian mythology using art and artifacts to convey Indian ethos. Le Sutra is made of two words-a combination of French and Sanskrit-Sutra in Sanskrit means a ‘rope or thread that holds things together’ and Le Sutra is the thread that binds Indian art and Indian hospitality. The concept depicting Indian ethos had a team of several artists, designers, curators, philosophers and visualizers thinking together to create a hotel which is today very popular in Mumbai. Le Sutra is a perfect amalgamation of Indian philosophy, myth, art form, historic pride and it showcases the best of Indian mythology in a truly unique format.

The three levels of Le Sutra represent the Gunas which are tendencies and attributes that exist within people, nature and things; their thoughts and emotions, essential to the evolution of consciousness. When I went on a show around of the hotel, the General Manager Denzil D’Souza informed me that the reception is based on the concept of the ‘kundalini’ while the lift is based on the ‘chakras’. Each aspect of this uniquely beautiful property has a thought or concept linked to its origin. The 16 rooms at Le Sutra are based on ‘characters’ (Ravana, Ashoka, Buddha) or ‘characteristics’ (sensuality, love, purification) inspired by Indian mythos. Every room has been created based on an interesting story using paintings, artifacts, chairs, inlays and sculptures to depict diverse themes and philosophies.

Le Sutra, Khar (W), Mumbai in India
The Nirvan bedroom

Le Sutra houses an art gallery which is an integral part of the hotel and showcases works of both emerging and well known artists from all over the world. This gallery has been the venue for many an interesting event in the past and is always buzzing with activity. While I was staying in the hotel I fixed up an appointment for a treatment at their spa called Angdai. Angdai means to yawn or to stretch after a restful bout of sleep. A visit to Angdai Spa ensures that one feels rejuvenated and relaxed after a great massage. Efficient and friendly therapists take you on a blissful spa journey after guiding you about the type of massage one should go for. Angdai Spa offers a variety of body massages, exfoliation techniques, wraps, clean ups, rituals and hand and feet care. This spa is so popular with guests that the hotel has plans to expand their space in the near future to accommodate requests.

Says Denzil D’Souza-General Manager Le Sutra, “We are currently ranked by travelers all around the world #23 out of 454 hotels in Mumbai due to various factors such as our unique art hotel concept, friendly service by our efficient staff, proximity to the airport, proximity to the beach front which is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel is the Carter Road promenade. We are a green hotel and we take measures in using food waste and converting it into bio- degradable matter used for cooking gas and manure in plants, we take conscious measure to save water, paper, electricity and we actively grow plants in the hotel. The Angdai Day Spa is immensely popular with guests and we are now planning to increase its size due to its popularity. Our hotel houses The Art Gallery which is a popular venue for events, meetings and conferences. Another unique aspect of our hotel is The Karma Korner-a spiritual book store.”

Le Sutra, Khar (W), Mumbai in India
Le Sutra houses an art gallery which is an integral part of the hotel and showcases works of both emerging and well known artists from all over the world

Out of the Blues-the all day casual dining restaurant serves some really innovative preparations such as the pesto cheese dosa for breakfast which I tried during my stay. This bistro like eatery with 200 covers is best known for its eclectic ambiance. With muted lighting, intimate seating designed to facilitate interactive convenience; this is the perfect place for a romantic date night. Out of the Blue is a great place for sizzlers, barbeques, fondues, pasta, and rissottos accompanied by some fabulous cocktails dished up by efficient bartenders. It is a good idea to try the broccoli and pea fritters, the Cajun spiced fish with black olive tapenade, potatoes and vegetables, the chicken wings and the pizzas which are to die for. As one walks towards the restaurant, one passes by Mag St Bread & Co. This delightful little patisserie serves some of the best breads, muffins and croissants in Mumbai and is a gourmet’s delight. The hotel compound houses a cute little pond with colorful fish floating in it.

Le Sutra, Khar (W), Mumbai in India
The Prakriti bedroom

Le Sutra in Mumbai is the perfect place to unwind and leave your worries behind. Its peaceful and artistic ambience, friendly and warm staff, gourmet cuisine succeed in ensuring that all guests have a great stay and go back with fond memories of this beautiful hotel.

Le Sutra – the Indian art hotel – 14 Union Park, Khar (W), Mumbai – 400 052
Tel: +91 22 66420025/ (+91 22) 2649 2995/ +91 22 2649 2997
Fax: +91 2604 8911