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Resort World Sentosa Review: A Playground for Kids of All Ages

Inside all of us is a child at heart. No matter what our age, we can reflect back to a time in our youth of unjaded wonder and unbridled fun. So as adults, the opportunity to relive those moments are special to us.  Resorts World Sentosa is a playground for kids of all ages.  It offers so many options for all but at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun, no matter what the age.

One can hardly call Resorts World Sentosa  a resort. It is an entertainment village filled with everything your family could possibly desire, from lavish resorts to an amazing spa and dining options for the most finicky palate. And that’s just the beginning; add in a world renowned Universal Studios, and ocean life theme park, a casino and countless entertainment options and you’ve got a world of entertainment.

Resorts World is located on Sentosa which is an island just south of the Singapore mainland. A short tram ride transports guests to an entertainment experience removed from the hectic pace of Singapore’s shiny high rises. There are many hotels and attractions on the island beyond Resorts World as well as miles of perfect white sand beaches and sparkling blue water. Within Sentosa, Resorts World is a destination unto itself full of everything one could look for in a holiday experience.

Universal Studio
Universal Studios needs no introduction and is the main attraction of Resorts World Sentosa

Universal Studios needs no introduction and is the marquis attraction on Sentosa and Resorts World. Universal Studios Singapore attracts countless families, couples and solo travellers from all over Asia and the world.  It is an unrivalled adventure with hundreds of rides, attractions and dining options.

Universal Studios Singapore is organized into theme parks based on their blockbuster movies. Each of the areas has stand out rides and attractions so that there’s plenty to do for both children and adults. This is an immersive entertainment experience where guests are part of the action as they ride the movie-themed rollercoasters and attractions.

One particularly exciting ride is the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure which is a white water raft ride where animatronic dinosaurs jump out to startle wide eyed guests. It is full of screaming families, friends, and couples getting scared, splashed, and thrilled as they are tossed about on the waterways, culminating in a thrilling white water drop.

Another stand out is the Mummy’s Tomb ride which is an indoor roller coaster based on the movie with all kinds of creepy crawlies and animated ghouls and mummies on hand to scare guests.

Universal Studios is the key attraction of Resorts World so guests at the hotels should schedule a full day there if not two
Universal Studios is the key attraction of Resorts World so guests at the hotels should schedule a full day there if not two !

If you’ve never experienced a 4-D film experience here is the place to do it while watching a Shrek film. The story of Shrek continues with Princess Fiona, Shrek and Donkey on a honeymoon adventure and a fun experience for all. Guests experience a 3-D movie while the audience’s chairs move with the action on screen in addition to experiencing smells and other effects.

Universal Studios is the key attraction of Resorts World so guests at the hotels should schedule a full day there if not two.

The Sea Aquarium™  is another amazing park that allows guests to explore the marine realm of more than 100,000 ocean animals in 49 different habitats. It is part of their Marine Life Park and houses the largest oceanarium in the world.

One incredible exhibit is the Shark Sea.  Wide eyed guests walk through Shark Sea’s tunnels gawking at many of the many types of sharks, rays and colourful fish swimming overhead and all around. Exotic species such as the scalloped hammerhead shark, the aggressive silvertip shark, and the sandbar shark are all on display. Children as well as adults watch with mouths agape as the only thing that separates them from these sea predators is a few inches of glass.

There are exhibits and tanks along the venue that share and educate visitors about the various sea life from various parts of the world. Colourful coral, bizarre looking creatures and starfish are on display.

The Sea Aquarium is one of the wonderful places to spend an afternoon and learn about these wonderful animals of the sea
The Sea Aquarium is one of the most wonderful places to spend an afternoon and learn about these fascinating animals of the sea

The most riveting area is the Open Ocean which is a theatre space with a two storey 50 yard wide display wall for an incredible panoramic view of some of the most amazing sea creatures. It is the largest oceanarium in the world. This “ocean” has enormous leopard sharks, goliath grouper, saw fish, mahi mahi and magnificent manta rays. Glittering schools of scads, fusiliers and rainbow runners in school swim back and forth to create a continuous dance in perfect unison. It is truly amazing.

Resorts World has a plethora of attractions for all interests. The Sea Aquarium is one of the most wonderful places to spend an afternoon and learn about these fascinating animals of the sea.

The ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa has created a haven of healing and rejuvenation in their destination spa, with water as its core healing ingredient. As you enter the ESPA you are immediately taken away from all the noise and stress of life’s hectic pace. Guests enter a haven of peace with the ubiquitous sounds and sights of water all around with babbling water fountains, ponds and reflection pools.

The ESPA is not just a place for a quick treatment but an experience where guests come early, utilize the spa facilities, steam rooms, dry sauna, and aqua facilities. So one should not plan to rush in and out; their guests are encouraged to languish well beyond the treatment.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the size. This is in fact the largest spa facility in South East Asia. Stressed out execs as well as tourists come to the destination spa to escape life’s hectic pace. There is an enormous gym, a healthy dining restaurant, and a number of treatment rooms and facilities.

There is a beautiful relaxation area for before or after treatments overlooking a pond as fish swim and the palm fronds move with the wind. It is a peaceful integration with the natural environment to aid in the physical and mental healing process.  And if sitting back and relaxing isn’t enough after your treatment, there are sleeping rooms where one can fully stretch out, close the door and take a day nap while listening to gentle music.

ESPA Crystal Steam 2
The spa has every imaginable service and facility

The Haman Ritual should not be missed and takes place in a fabulous treatment room with a marble table in the centre.  The treatment begins with a foot scrub and is followed by warm water being poured over the body from copper pots. This is followed by various tonics and poultice applied to the body with a scrubbing and then a foam bath.

The capable therapist then follows this with a massage and  nourishing marine mud body mask with aromatic oils of sweet orange and rose geranium.  The treatment concludes with another massage and a refreshing hair cleanse and hydrating conditioning hair treatment.

That is just one of the many treatments provided by this wonderful spa centre. The spa has every imaginable service and facility. There are also his and her outdoor temperature controlled rock pools.

This is the quintessential destination spa and created for a full day at the spa. The spa experience at ESPA Resorts World Sentosa is as magical as the park itself.


Resorts World is really a world of travel experiences, fun things to do, fantastic places to eat, and when you’re worn out from all of the activity, comfortable places to stay. There are six hotels to choose from in Resorts World from the high rollers hotels to the budget and family hotels.  There’s even a Hard Rock for those who want a bit of music and memorabilia mixed in with their vacation experience.

The Equarius is a beautiful tropical themed hotel designed for its guests who want to be in tune with nature. The nature themed décor is on display throughout the hotel and in the lobby there is a large backlight mural of a waterfall dominating the space.

Equarius Hotel - Deluxe Room Interior
The rooms at The Equarius are wonderful with calming light wood and neutral tones

The rooms are wonderful with calming light wood and neutral tones. They are noticeably spacious and have higher than normal ceilings making them seem even larger. There is a comfy sitting area with an L shaped couch and an expansive terrace with excellent views of the theme parks or the forest. The bed is uber comfy king sized and with many pillows to choose from. The bathrooms feature a deep soaking tub and rain shower. There’s even a built in television to watch while in the bath as well as a window between the bathroom and bedroom.

Guests will love spending time on their balcony taking in the fantastic views of the Singapore skyline and the waterways where cruise ships and other boats pass to and fro. High above ground is the Singapore Cable Cars which pass back and forth with passengers looking down, as hotel guest look up.

Hotel Michael is a beautiful art deco inspired hotel created to pay homage to one of the most prolific theme park and hotel architects of a generation, Michael Graves. The hotel was designed to resemble an art gallery, with murals and paintings on the walls to reflect Graves’ design style.

The boutique hotel is a welcome respite for guests passionate about art. There are art installations at every turn from the beautiful lobby area, sitting areas, and mural-adorned walls. Those who appreciate the arts will love the large pieces by Dali and Botocelli at the hotel.  The rooms are as decadent as the common areas and exude the designer’s love of extravagance.

The interior design incorporates rich maple wood and many design surprises. One of which was the large mural over the bed. This is art deco at its best with curved wood features and whimsical lighting and porthole windows designed into the closets.

The rooms also have some unique features such as the Cool Max temperature controlled bed and the duck down feather duvet and pillows.  In the bathroom the showers feature a circular wall with a beautiful tiled floral mosaic. Art is creating things beyond function. The bathroom as well as the rest of the suite was a wonderful artistic indulgence.

Hotel Michael - Deluxe King Room
Hotel Michael is a beautiful art deco inspired hotel created to pay homage to one of the most prolific theme park and hotel architects of a generation, Michael Graves

Graves was a wonderful and prolific designer and one of the key architects of Resorts World Sentosa. Sadly, Graves recently passed away at the age of 80 in his home of Princeton NJ. The wonderful hotel is a great tribute to his contributions to resorts and theme parks which allow us all to enjoy such moments in life.

The dining options are endless at Resorts World Sentosa, from American fast food to authentic Asian and everything in between. One ” not to miss ” experience comes from local celebrity chef Sam Leong.

Forest, named after his wife, has the décor of a forest with its cathedral ceiling and huge pillars etched to resemble trees. The nature theme co-exists perfectly with the lush tropical rainforest inspired design focus of Equarius Hotel where the restaurant is located.

Forest restaurant menu
Forest restaurant is known for re-inventing long loved traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes and serving them with western details and presentation techniques

Sam Leong has an interesting story, rising from the streets of Malaysia to become one of Singapore’s top recognized chefs specializing in Chinese food. His infusion of bad attitude and regional ingredients has led to him receiving the region’s top culinary awards. The restaurant is known for re-inventing long loved traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes and serving them with western details and presentation techniques.

The menu is comprehensive and filled with old standards and lesser known Chinese fare. All will have Sam Leongs maverick re-invention. Adding to the beautiful and comfortable ambience of the tropical forest theme is the open theatre kitchen where chefs and staff rush about in a whirl of activity, steam and flames. It’s really an orchestra of sights, sounds and smells to behold.

Resorts World Sentosa is a design and experience marvel. A huge 60 billion dollar project of 3.5 million square feet. It opened in 2010 and is sure to delight its guests for many generations to come. Resorts World Sentosa is a must go to destination for families but is also a wonderful holiday for romantic couples and solo travellers. No matter what the age, Resorts World Sentosa is sure to bring out the child in all of us.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Phone:    +65 6577 8888