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The latest luxury travel news and reviews from Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Discover the very best in luxury travel, five-star hotels, resorts, spas and more. Be inspired by the world’s most exotic locations, recommended destinations, travel advice and tips.

Accessories & Gadgets

computer and phone

The top five travel websites to watch out for in 2017

As travel trends continue to expand, from increasing expansion of the sharing economy, to more personalised and tailored travel experiences, tools that facilitate an authentic experience will be a must-have...


Five travel apps you need in your life

By Naomi Webb

You probably have a phone full of apps, but how many of them do you actually use? There will be ones you wouldn’t dream of deleting, those apps that the majority of us go on everyday, such as Facebook,...

The best packing tips: Learn to pack like a pro with help from travel expert Nicky Cox

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Packing for a holiday can be a bit of nightmare, especially when left to the last minute. And then there can be few surprises when unpacking after arriving at your destination. From realising that you’ve...


Five of the best expedition cruises

Embarking on a cruise holiday is so much more than simply visiting a destination – in fact, oftentimes it is more about witnessing unforgettable phenomena and unearthing once-in-a-lifetime experiences....

cruise ship

Five reasons you should use a travel agent to book a luxury cruise

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

When it comes to cruise travel, travel agents truly are the matchmakers helping to connect holiday seekers with the best cruise experience. In fact, last year more than 82 per cent of cruise holidays were...

Five luxury river cruises for 2018

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Luxury river cruising has become increasingly popular in recent years with many preferring the intimacy of a river cruise ship to the hustle and bustle of an ocean liner. These river ships cruise the waterways...


Abu Dhabi Aerial view Corniche

An Arabian adventure in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates, a unification of seven sovereign sheikhdoms, was formed in 1971 following the British withdrawal from the Gulf area, and as a result of the bi-lateral friendship treaty signed...

Amba Farmhouse & Mini factory (credit Amba) copy

Amba Estate: Into Sri Lanka’s heartland

By Mary Louise Pratt

Is it possible to feel like you’ve made good friends after a mere 48 hours of knowing them? Because that’s what it was like after my time at Amba Estate with co-founder Simon Bell, who I’m going...

The top 3 luxury destinations for June 2017

By Sue Tidy

Some of the best weather in the UK occurs in June, but the great British climate remains as unpredictable as ever, even during the summer. The best way to avoid the old ‘Will it? Won’t it?’...

Hotels, Resorts & Villas

Amba Farmhouse & Mini factory (credit Amba) copy

Amba Estate: Into Sri Lanka’s heartland

Is it possible to feel like you’ve made good friends after a mere 48 hours of knowing them? Because that’s what it was like after my time at Amba Estate with co-founder Simon Bell, who I’m going...

Hotel Review: The Alverton Hotel, Truro in Cornwall

By Natasha Heard

From nuns to brides, The Alverton Hotel in Cornwall has hosted an array of residents in its 187 year history. The grade II listed building was built in 1830 by the same architect as Truro cathedral and...

Juicy Oasis Portugal

Juicy Oasis Retreat & Spa: Finding clarity & calm in Portugal

By Joceline Sharman

As a freelancer, you have to value your health on a cost-benefit basis. When I wake up feeling sluggish, exhausted and under-the-weather, I can’t just send an email saying sorry I won’t be in for...

News, Features, Tips & Advice

Who says holidays are just beaches and sun? Five luxury trends set by over 50s

Holidays are, quite rightly, the highlight of most people’s year. Few things top jetting off to a foreign land and catching some well-earned sunshine for a few weeks, but despite common belief, there’s...

Saba Juancho E Yrausquin airport landing 3500x2333

Saba tops PrivateFly’s annual top 10 most scenic airport landings poll

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The world’s shortest commercial runway, on the Caribbean island of Saba (pictured above), has topped a global travel poll of the world’s most scenic airport landings, conducted by the private jet booking...

Gold Hil, Shaftesbury.

Britain’s most beautiful streets revealed in new poll

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The Shambles, York’s famous fourteenth century market road, has been named Britain’s prettiest street. The street, which played host to a thriving meat market from the fourteenth to the nineteenth...

Private Jets


Uncovering the empty leg myth

With no queues, no fixed schedules, no delays and no hassle, private jets are the most efficient means of getting from point A to point B; the ultimate form of travel. But getting to point B brings with...

private jet

The top European travel destinations best reached by private jet

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The days are slowly getting lighter as we emerge from winter but cold and grey conditions continue to leave us feeling down. Yet, there are ways of surviving this time of the year other than curling up...

Love it or hate it? British travel aspirations tops the list of luxuries

By Grace Cunningham

Research published today by private aviation charter company 365 Aviation has discovered what luxury means to professionals and HNWI living and working in the UK’s major cities. Amongst the findings it...