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Restaurant Review: Taramind Kitchen, Soho in London

Taramind Kitchen, Soho in London

From the Michelin-starred Tamarind of Mayfair, Taramind Kitchen is a new Indian concept to open on Wardour Street in Soho.

At first glance it may not be obvious why this new Indian eatery is any different to similar competitors. An interior of dark and moody tones with rich colour and texture – stepping off the warm early summer streets of Soho into the depths of Taramind Kitchen, at first I did challenge the idea over per se the popular outdoor beer garden.

Butterfly prawns
The butterfly prawns

With the instant gratification of Taramind Kitchen’s attentive and accommodating service, sitting smug, I wait for my guest by the large windows watching passers-by with an undeniably satisfying water melon martini. Before long my guest arrives and we are seated, surveying how this new Indian menu stands its ground within the over saturated London dining scene.

A menu presenting a strand of Indian cuisine with Awadhi kababs, and creamy south Indian curries as well as meat and seafood from the tandoor; to maintain a lead amongst others and with a Michelin starred foundation beneath them, Taramind Kitchen apply a modern sense of adventure to the regional southern flavours, all whilst maintaining an elegant and high-end touch.

Tandoori Subzi
The Tandoori subzi

As we are seated and asking after select recommendations, the manager makes himself known and in doing so removes our menus. He tells us that he’ll choose a selection of dishes that reflect the best of Taramind Kitchen; despite my guest having stepped away, I enthusiastically agree on behalf of us both.

Exotic Indian names which don’t mean much to us English folk, appetisers include ‘Makai Kachumber’ – a corn and vegetable salad with chat-honey masala dressing or ‘Moong Wada’ – a spiced lentil cake with a coconut chutney. In other words, reading the small print here is essential (if you happen to be choosing for yourself).

Trio of fish
The trio of fish

Their kebab selection, although, is admittedly much easier to decipher with simple but delicious options such as a trio of fish (sea bass, pollock and salmon) or the trio of chicken. There is even the most indulgent of kebab option, the game platter; made up of Tandoor-grilled smoked quail, duck and guinea fowl on vermicelli. Main curry dishes feature our familiar favourite chicken tikka masala which is satisfactory rich and creamy as well as creative additions such as the Hyderabadi lamb shank or the south Indian inspired Alleppy fish curry; finished with taramind, mustard and curry leaves.

The adventurous sister restaurant with an added contemporary stance for the modern Soho diner, Taramind Kitchen orbits a concept of soulful, sensory and social dining and unsurprisingly, is inspired by the kitchen. Otherwise described as the heart of the Indian home and the place where friends and family meet, this new high-end Indian eatery reimagines the award-winning cuisine of Tamarind of Mayfair in a refreshing new light.

Tamarind Kitchen London
Tamarind Kitchen is located in the heart of Soho in central London

Address: 167-169 Wardour St, Soho, London, W1F 8WR,