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Sip Champagne and the subscription service aiming to bring artisan champagne to your table

By Natasha Heard  |  November 26, 2020
Sip Champagnes

If you think you know all there is to discover about the delectable drink that is Champagne, then a new dedicated Champagne subscription brand is challenging you to think again.

We know that the fizzy tipple is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown solely in the Champagne region of France with the more involved production process (than other sparkling wines) giving the drink its renowned exclusive edge. Often brought out at special occasions, whether toasting the happy couple at a wedding or circulating among an elective crowd at an event reception, the notion of when Champagne can be sipped is somewhat limited.

The main reason for this is because a lot of the current offerings on the market are simply dry and fizzy, with not much extra attention being paid to the distinct differences between the style and blends. So, why is this?

Sip Champagnes
Sip Champagnes founders Peter Crawford and Daniel Blatchford

Sip Champagnes, the company dedicated to shining a light on artisan producers in the north east region of France explains: “There are some 16,000 growers in the Champagne region, nearly 2,500 of whom make their own Champagne in small batches, (a similar number more make their own using cooperative methods). Yet, you’ll probably only be familiar with a clutch of big brand names. This is because the vast bulk of the farmer’s yield is sold off to a few big Maisons, where it is mixed into a common lot and bottled under a brand name.”

Challenging those long-held preconceptions you may harbour that Champagne is an occasion-only tipple, Sip Champagnes wants you to rethink what you think you know and discover a whole new raft of artisan producers along the way.

Sip Champagnes
A selection of Sip Champagnes’ offerings

What many don’t realise is that there are a wealth of differences to be discovered within these batches, hence the need to challenge any previously held ideas about the drink. What artisan champagne highlights is the individuality between each bottle that is often so valued in wine, but is, at times, overlooked when it comes to Champagne. Artisan Champagne is a world apart in that sense, providing distinctive characteristics of the terroir, exhibiting unique flavour profiles and significant differences between the various styles, blends and even individual villages.

Where, previously individual farmers couldn’t compete with the big-name brands, Sip Champagnes has made it its mission to bring an array of artisan producers to the forefront of the UK market with their long list of contacts in the region garnered over 20 plus years.

So, who or what exactly is Sip Champagnes?

Sip Champagnes was founded earlier this year by friends Daniel Blatchford and Peter Crawford, who combined Peter’s impressive list of contacts and their shared love of Champagne, along with the desire to introduce a selection of those artisan producers to the UK market for the very first time. This young, yet knowledgeable company provides subscription packages to their consumers in order to lead them on a journey of artisan Champagne discovery and aims to highlight the hard efforts of the farmers who work the soil and vines.

Sip Champagnes
Virginie et Laurent from Champagne Caillez Lemaire

After many meetings and hundreds of bottles tasted, the pair settled on the first 28 producers and 55 bottles in early 2020 and Sip Champagnes was born. Now offering 71 bottles, ranging from £20 to £250 per bottle, customers can be sure of a wonderfully curated selection of drinks available on their website. A quick browse through the website will arm any interested party with enough knowledge to select their own box, but in order to fully understand and appreciate the world of Champagne, Peter and Daniel recommend opting for the Sip subscription packages. Hand-curated each month by resident expert, Peter, who owns 15,000 personal Champagne tasting notes, buyers can expect to receive some truly exceptional bottles with dedicated tasting notes and also benefit from live tasting sessions with the farmers themselves. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that!

And when taking part in these sessions, you will soon appreciate that you are supporting a business that is sustainable from root to tip as Sip only works with those who are committed to undertaking the very best practices for the land, the soil and the vines. With 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, and carbon neutral shipping, you will be safe in the knowledge that while you’re sipping on the finest of artisan Champagnes, you are also doing your bit for the environment, so to speak. What is more fulfilling than that? Head over to the website now and see what you think.

All images courtesy of Sip Champagnes.