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Sipsmith launches quarterly gin sipping service

Sipsmith Sipping Service

The Sipsmith distillery is renowned for a restless enthusiasm and experimentation, and those lucky enough to have been on a distillery tour may have seen their legendary tasting wall which has bought us flavours such as Truffle Gin, Smoked Venison Gin, Mince Pie Gin (which was rather fantastic), and last year Sipsmith even distilled their Christmas Tree producing some unexpectedly delightful results.

Unfortunately, these unique flavours tend to stay closeted behind closed doors and are only given as gifts or used at small events, like the Gin Shop at London Cocktail Week, because it simply isn’t feasible to produce unique gins at a quantity that could reach shop shelves.

So, to allow gin fans to try some of these prodigious gins Sipsmith has launched a brand new quarterly Sipsmith Sipping Service; the Distillery’s most extraordinary gins, direct to your door.

How Does It Work?

Every 3 months Sipsmith will select the 4 best gins trialed that season – and send them directly to members of the Sipping Service (in 4x 90ml bottles). It will mean members get first dibs on knowing what these gins are, finding out what’s happening at Sipsmith HQ, getting to taste unique gin flavours, and letting Sipsmith know what they think.

Sipsmith has launched a brand new quarterly Sipsmith Sipping Service
Sipsmith has launched a brand new quarterly sipping service

Each seasons’ sipping gins will be a surprise. All distilled using Sipsmiths’ uncompromising methods, meaning that each and every one will be smooth enough to be sipped on its own (if the sipper so wishes) and will mix perfectly in a cocktail or two (recommendations will come straight from the Distillery).

Who doesn’t love receiving something wonderfully unexpected and beautifully crafted from the postman, especially if it contains irrefutably excellent gins from Sipsmith?

Those who participate will have three options to choose from…

1. Freeman of the Guild:
– Pledge £60 and become a Freeman of the Guild.
– Founding Edition Box, including four gins.
– Beautiful handcrafted copper spirit measure, designed by Fairfax’s father and spun in the UK.

2. Liveryman
– Pledge £150 and become a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Sipsmiths.
– Four sipping service packs (one years subscription), making you one of the founding members of the Worshipful Company.
– This will include a founding edition gift pack (four gins and a copper spirits measure) as well as three further gin boxes delivered quarterly throughout the year.

3. Court Member
– Pledge £250 and become a Court Member of the Worshipful Company of Sipsmiths.
– Made to order copper coin – makes you a Sipsmithian for Life, allowing you to get complimentary drinks at Sipsmith run events around the UK for life.
– Tasting experience with Master Distiller Jared Brown at the Sipsmith Distillery, London.
– Four sipping service packs (one years subscription).
– Two Sipsmith branded glasses.