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Boutique bed and breakfasts on the rise

Luxury B&Bs seek to change the rules

Daisybank Cottage

Move over faceless supermarkets and impersonal chains – it seems that we’re yearning for a return to a more intimate and personal style of living. All around Britain, a rising trend shows a return to more personal customer experiences, from the popularity of bespoke stores and fashion to local greengrocers and butchers.

It’s perhaps not surprising, therefore, that the hospitality industry is following suit with a significant increase in the number of luxury and boutique B&Bs. Jonathan Carroll, President of Travelzest, said: “We are seeing consumers looking for …a richer experience. Consumers also want intimate, smaller properties.”

The new breed of high end bed and breakfast aim to fit the experience, opting for a smaller, more focused and tailored experience over what one might find at a hotel chain. editor, Nick Gilmartin said “The last ten years have seen a rapid rise in the number of very generic luxe hotel experiences, which guarantees a certain level of service, but often detracts from the joy of a destination, with all local flavour lost to central brand guidelines. The growing number of travellers choosing to turn away from the corporate to the personal is only going to grow over the coming years as people seek a less face-less luxury.”

Daisybank Cottage
Daisybank Cottage, in Brockenhurst, offers seven beautiful bedrooms with two main concepts in mind: comfort and luxury

The desire for a richer experience, however, isn’t just about luxury and aspiration – due to the economic downturn, customers are concentrating on better value for money in all aspects of their lifestyle. In the travel sector, B&Bs hope to accommodate this paradigm shift using the benefits that come with a boutique establishment. Elle UK Magazine said “Today’s B&B proprietor is often bringing their own expertise… to create the coolest boltholes in the country, with the added advantage of a truly personal touch that hotels can’t deliver.”

Establishments in rural locations are also looking to provide a relaxing place to ‘get away from it all’, targeting a common symptom of modern day life. Today’s problems aren’t just about saving money – increased stress creates the need to escape from everyday life, and rural retreats offer unique relaxation opportunities for the consumer to take advantage of.

These boutique B&Bs are set to satiate the growing craving for a richer and more personal experience, and giving the customer more opportunities to find the vacation perfect for them.

Our favourite boutique B&B

One of our favourite boutique B&Bs in England has to be the delightful Daisybank Cottage in Brockenhurst. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful New Forest, Daisybank Cottage offers a truly special experience; a touch of real luxury in a place of outstanding beauty.

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