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Innovating Travel To Canada : Luxury Horizons

The best of Canadian resorts and travel in luxury style.

When it comes to luxury, Canada is usually not the first name that comes to mind for a country best known for setting the trends in high-end luxury experiences. However, some seem to think otherwise! Recently re-launched in October, 2013, a Vancouver based name in travel, Luxury Horizons, is changing the game of how Canada is positioning itself in the luxury travel market – both in branding & product. Having been around for over seven years, Luxury Horizons previously operated tours exclusively within four resorts: Vancouver, Banff, Whistler and Vail in the U.S. The majority of their travel products were focused around accommodation booking and ski tours.

With their recent re-launch, the company has revamped their business model, their branding and their product. With this, they also chose to appeal to a new audience – the discerning traveler! The new and improved Luxury Horizons now has a brand identity and product that is strictly focused on some of the most bespoke luxury travel experiences available in Canada, exclusively.

Unlike many may think, Canada offers plenty when it comes to luxury travel, and Luxury Horizons is set out to highlight this. Whether it is through their branding, their products or their marketing – Luxury Horizons is one of the only agencies in Canada truly determined to highlight the best of Canada. In their recent interview with Luxury Branded, Luxury Horizons managing partner Julia Kozlov was quoted as saying: “Our passion is Canada, but doing it with a luxurious twist is our specialty.”

To give a sense of the type of experiences that one can expect to find from Luxury Horizons:


The next time you plan to go to Whistler, perhaps talk to the folks over at Luxury Horizons? Outside of their phenomenal private Whistler heli skiing and ski guiding, they also offer some of the best chalet rentals in the area as well as access to give you the best of V.I.P. dining in the likes of Araxi & Bearfoot bistro. One of Luxury’s most extravagant offers is their rental of the Belmont estate that comes with a full team of staff and your own helicopter parked out front – for 24/7 heli skiing access!


Forget that Canada is a ski-only resort! In fact, Canada has something to offer all year round, which Luxury Horizons successfully highlighting this through their wilderness adventure travel experiences. Mostly situated around Wastern Canada’s province of British Columbia, Luxury Horizons offers wilderness adventures in several resorts that include Nimmo Bay & Tofino. Expect luxury private transfers, heli-hiking and skiing tours, helicopter sight-seeking, horseback riding, private cooking lessons, outdoor yoga mornings & champagne served to you as soon as you step out of the plane!


Scheduled mostly for the winter season, Luxury Horizons offers the ability for travelers to experience Northern Canada in style & full comfort as you set to explore one of their two resorts – Arctic Circle and Churchill.


Almost for any of the resorts that you plan to visit through Luxury Horizons, you will mostly likely expect a 1-2 day stay in a major city to which you will be arriving before you transfer to your resort. Luxury Horizons takes care of this transition in a beautiful way by giving you the best of both worlds: a luxury experience in the city & in your resort. Expect to stay and get very exclusive service in some of the top luxury hotels in Canada. As well, you might get a sports car and a private concierge services at your access as well – not to mention some sweet private tours! Think F1, vineyards and luxury dining!


Highlighting Canada’s world renown reputation of being a hockey nation – Luxury Horizons offers some of the most unique Canadian hockey experiences! Expect to not just go to an NHL hockey game with Luxury’s “Ultimate NHL Package“, but actually get to meet the team, experience exclusive dining, park in the player’s garage and be a part of the post-game press conference all while getting a top-notch city travel experience. In their NHL experience, Luxury Horizons has outdone themselves by collaborating Canada’s finest together: hockey & travel!

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